Let's Get It Together North Carolina!!

Several production companies that have a vested interest to shoot in the beautiful state of North Carolina is choosing to shoot their films elsewhere.  Why?  Because NC currently has a $1 million tax incentive cap on highly compensated individuals (actors and directors).

What does that mean for our state?  It means that everytime an A-list actor or director sign a contract for a picture deal that exceeds 1 million buckaroonies then that means they cannot shoot here.  North Carolina offers film companies a 25 percent tax incentive and recently raised the film tax cap from $7.5 million to $20 million this past legislative session. However, the cap on talent remains at $1 million.

Currently Louisiana offers film production companies a 30 percent tax incentive on any motion picture project and does not have any caps on the size of the film or talent pay.  Which is why the new Nicholas Sparks film "The Lucky One" starring Zac Efron  is being shot in Louisiana instead of the story's location set in North Carolina. 
Last summer, Disney chose to film Sparks’ “The Last Song” starring Miley Cyrus in Georgia despite initial plans to film in North Carolina.

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