Whatever Happened To A.J. Langer?

So the Sundance Channel have outdone themselves once again by showing old reruns of my favorite 90's episodic TV drama My So Called Life.  The short lived ABC series only lasted one season but it's by far one of the most critically acclaimed prime time teen dramas ever to air on network television. 

After watching reruns, I can honestly say I've seen each episode at least a dozen times,  I wondered whatever happened to my favorite character on the show?  Rayanne Graf was played by actress A.J. Langer and in the early 90's A.J. was everywhere in magazines and the minds of 15 year olds all over.  A.J. was never really a film star, more so a TV actress from shows like The Wonder Years, Coach, and Baywatch.  But who could forget the movie The People Under The Stairs?  It's arguably one of the best cult horror classics of the 90s. 

One can only imagine that if perhaps My So Called Life lasted several more seasons that perhaps A.J.'s career would have blossomed more than it has.  Of course one could argue and say, "well what about Claire Danes? She's managed to keep her career on track and stay above the fray of who's who in Hollywood?"  Angela Chase was the main character of the show and maybe it was easier for Claire than for A.J., but still...why was she such a well-kept secret? 

 A.J. Langer is a very talented actress and deserved to get some sort of notoriety for her performance as Rayanne Graf on that show.  Rayanne had so many layers that one season could not nearly get close enough to the surface of what that girl was all about and what she was going through.

Rayanne went from a girl who likes sex, booze, and drugs to a girl who was actually concealing who she really was through all of those barriers; to someone who just wanted to be normal.  She wanted to be somone who desired to be loved, respected, and belong to a group of friends.  So enough about Rayanne...what about A.J.?  What has she done?  Unfortunately her IMDB profile doesn't go beyond 2007.  So it has me concerned....where are you A.J. Langer??  Is it perhaps that I am yearning for A.J. to return or just want another good TV teen drama that actually has some substance and meaning?  Not this craptacular reality TV junk that is damning all of what is left of good television into the point of no return.  :::SIGH:::

If you're out there A.J.  just know that you are missed and TV/Film wants you back.  Will you forgive us and take us back?

3 Response to "Whatever Happened To A.J. Langer?"

  1. robin franklin says:
    June 21, 2012 at 4:44 PM

    I think I read somewhere that she married a prince and has two little girls. I'm not sure if she's still acting.

  2. Anonymous Says:
    July 25, 2012 at 5:25 PM

    i would like to se if maybe you are the same little girl that occassionaly we babysitted in columbus when you were 3 or 4 years old.

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