Jesse Eisenberg: Who is this Guy?

At first sight when you see Jesse Eisenberg you think to yourself----I've seen this guy?!  Oh yea, it's the dude from Superbad!  Wrong.  Although Jesse is a dead ringer for Michael Cera, the 26 year old actor from New York City has been acting for awhile.  His IMDB profile goes back as far as 1999.  So how come we haven't heard of him before?  Jesse has been in the indie circuit for awhile---his latest film Holy Rollers was screened at The Charlotte Film Festival just last week. 

However now Eisenberg is a name that everyone is noticing due to his new film opening today called The Social Network.  The Social Network tells the real life story about the young billionaire Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder Facebook.  Although Eisenberg plays the role of the famous entrepreneur, he has actually never met him.

He said he would listen to him on his iPod every morning when he was studying for the role.  Jesse himself revealed on David Letterman that he's not on Facebook, because as a "self-hating person" he doesn't want to contribute to all the mean things people are already writing about him on the Internet.

Awww....I like this guy already.  You're gonna make it in this town kid.  Don't get shallow on us.

P.S.  Apparently The Squid and The Whale brought Jesse some major popularity---so he's been an indieseen favorite for awhile.

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