Whatever Happened To Rachel True?

I remember the first time I saw Rachel True was her role as the  Catholic high school witch in the 1996 film The Craft.  That was one of my favorite films that year (next to Scream of course).  She was the cute girl with those georgeous wavy curls that went on for days.  Remeber the Gregg Araki film Nowhere?   The teenage-orgy induced-pill popping film about L.A. spoiled brats with way too much time on their hands.  She played Mel the party girl that just couldn't get enough.

Of course who could forget her role as Mary Jane in Half-Baked?  She had Dave Chapelle completely smitten over her and who thought she was going to be in a role where she plays a straight laced good girl?  I liked the change of roles for her, we all fell in love with Mary Jane.  Or what about the film New Best Friend shot right here in the great state of North Carolina?  She's so good at playing the bitchy teen roles.  It's sooooo her forte.  She even had a short-lived TV show called Half & Half.  It had a nice 4 year run and it was my evening delight after watching Girlfriends.  However, after the show was cancelled...she sorta dissapeared.  What happened??

There are a few films that appear under her IMDB resume after the TV show ended including a stint on the gay themed Logo show Noah's Arc.  However, no one has heard or seen her since.  I want to see Rachel come back.  Now I know the bitchy teen roles are over for her, but perhaps we can see her in something...somewhere!  Rachel come back to the silver screen please!  I miss seeing you in the indie circuit.  I miss seeing you period!  If anyone knows of Rachel's whereabouts please contact us!

Ava Gardner Museum Launches Online Gift Shop

The Ava Gardner Museum, located in downtown Smithfield, NC, is excited to announce that on Monday, October 11, 2010, the Ava Gardner Museum online gift shop at www.avagardner.org was launched. This new store, developed by Eric Dean with Inspire Media Associates (www.inspiremediaassociates.com), offers one more way supporters of the Museum and fans of Ava Gardner can purchase gift shop items.

Available in the online gift shop are all the items available at the Museum’s Gift Shop, including: t-shirts, hats, cookbooks, DVDs, books, posters, photographs, jellies/jams, and other Museum souvenirs. Visitors can even pre-purchase admission tickets or donate to the Museum through the online gift shop.

Until now, the Museum sold Gift Shop items through phone and mail orders and will continue to do so. Museum items can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Jessica Meadows, Executive Director of the Ava Gardner Museum, stated, “Since the redesign of the Museum website last summer, the Museum has been working hard to launch an online gift shop. Based on studies we have seen, e-commerce typically has a strong positive impact on the ability to increase income and with the recent loss of funding from the Town of Smithfield, we hope this will help the Museum incur some of that missing revenue.”

To celebrate the launching of this new e-commerce gift shop, fans can use the coupon code LAUNCH2010 for a one-time 15% discount on items purchased through the online gift shop. This offer expires December 31, 2010 and is only available through the online store.

The Ava Gardner Museum is located in downtown Smithfield, at 325 E. Market Street and more information may be found on the museum website, www.avagardner.org or by calling 919-934-5830. The museum is open Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm and Sunday 2pm-5pm with admission of $6.00 adults, $5.00 seniors and groups and $4.00 children.

Silvanus Slaughter: An Indie Filmmaker

Silvanus Slaughter began his career as an artist in radio and theater in San Francisco. In 1985, he moved to Los Angeles and worked for HBO Films and Original Programming until 1998. During that interim, he sold one screenplay, Tesla: Beyond Space and Time, and optioned two psychological dramas, “La Danza Moderna” and “Venice in Peril.” He wrote, produced and directed a featurette executed in Fellini / Antonioni Eurostyle, “An Encounter/Un Incontro,” which aired nationwide on PBS affiliates.

Disenchanted with the nepotism and corporatization infecting Hollywood, Slaughter returned to his native home in North Carolina in 1999. He subsequently published a debut Southern Gothic novel, “Sweet Piece” which was well-reviewed. Two attempts to mount a $10 million indie feature adaptation of that erotic, violent novel were derailed by an unstable economy. Exhausted, Slaughter took a hiatus from filmmaking in 2004 and crafted his debut as a singer-songwriter, “Constellations Compromised, Vol. 1” in an old jail in his hometown, which The News and Observer called “a work of genius,” but, rather than tour, Slaughter holed himself up in a small garret for six years and has finished recording ten more conceptual albums, including “Constellations Compromised, Vols 2 and 3” , “Symphonic Jazz Abstractions Vol 1 - 7” and “Little Dream: A Suite for Piano.”

He plans to tour beginning 2011 when he starts releasing these volumes. “Creative ideas and their execution come easily to me; connections never have, because I am uncompromising. It's the music that, oddly, brought me back to film making. I needed visual representations of myself and my music for this era, so I started crafting what I term “music-films” for You Tube on zero-budgets. After making 34 “music films” of varying complexity and abstraction, I am now edging back into narrative again with “In Oxford Town,” and a short about suicide I co-wrote, directed, edited and scored this past summer, “The Lighthouse” (due later this year). I learned everything about directing and editing from 70s classics and European directors – they weave more than one idea per film, and probe humanity. I am a Romantic in an era fascinated with necro-porn and CGI cartoons; American cinema is stuck in the Focus-Group money game.

An attorney friend in L.A. Is trying to raise budgets, again, for “Sweet Piece” and “La Danza Moderna.” I may do another half-hour film I scripted called, “The Devil, You Said” this winter. My websites need overhauls, the economy sucks, I'm readying to tour. Time will tell what is on the front burner.”

Winter sports inspired films at the US National Whitewater Center

The U.S. National Whitewater Center (USNWC) will host the 1st Annual Winter Film Festival on Saturday, Nov. 13, from 6 to 9 p.m. Presented by Subaru and the Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club, the festival will feature two high-adrenaline ski films: The Ski Channel’s, “The Story” Matchstick Productions’, “The Way I See It”.

Presale tickets ($10) and day of event tickets ($15) are available through USNWC. For tickets and festival information, please visit www.usnwc.org.

The Ski Channel’s "The Story" features American ski racing icons Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn, big mountain legend Chris Davenport and X-Games champions Reggie and Zack Crist. Viewers will dive into the lives of famous skiers and obscure ski bums, peer into the tops of Mount Everest and never-before-skied steeps in Alaska. “The Story” trailer is available at:


Filmed around the world using high definition cinematography, Matchstick Productions’ “The Way I See It,” documents Bobby Brown’s emergence as the single-most dominating park skier in the world and the 2009 Powder Awards “male skier of the year,” Sean Pettit. Film highlights include epic powder skiing in northern Japan, Alaska’s Chugach Range and the Coast Mountains of British Columbia before culminating at Alyeska Resort with one of the largest park features ever built. “The Way I See It” trailer is available at: http://vimeo.com/13459706.

The U.S. National Whitewater Center (USNWC) is a non-profit outdoor recreation and adventure sports facility with mountain biking and running trails, climbing center, mega zip line, mega jump, and challenge course. The park’s unique feature is a multiple-channel, customized whitewater river for rafting and canoe/kayak enthusiasts of all abilities. The USNWC is only 15 minutes from Uptown Charlotte and provides nearly 400 acres of woodlands along the scenic Catawba River.

The USNWC is proud to be a U.S. Olympic Training Site.

Contact: Stephen Youngblade

Phone: (704) 391-3900 x 132

Email: syoungblade@usnwc.org

Filmmaker Silvanus Slaughter Presents...

Here are 6 short film clips from local NC filmmaker Silvanus Slaughter:






THE LAST DREAM OF THE WORLD (an obsessive short)

A Letter To Elia



Consider becoming a new donor to Full Frame or increasing your gift from last year. If you give now, you can receive complimentary TICKETS TO A BENEFIT SCREENING of Martin Scorsese's A LETTER TO ELIA at the Nasher Museum of Art! Seating is limited.
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It costs $20,000 to build one theater in the Durham Convention Center?

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Nasher Museum of Art

Saturday, November 20


Written and Directed by Martin Scorsese and Kent Jones (2010)

A LETTER TO ELIA is Martin Scorsese's intensely personal and deeply moving tribute to the films of director Elia Kazan. Kazan's body of work, including A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN, GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT, ON THE WATERFRONT, A FACE IN THE CROWD and EAST OF EDEN, captivated Scorsese as a young man, mirroring his life story and inspiring him to become a filmmaker.

A 60 minute film followed by discussion with Full Frame founder, Nancy Buirski.

Rabbit Hole

RABBIT HOLE is a vivid, hopeful, honest and unexpectedly witty portrait of a family searching for what remains possible in the most impossible of all situations.

Becca and Howie Corbett (NICOLE KIDMAN and AARON ECKHART) are returning to their everyday existence in the wake of a shocking, sudden loss. Just eight months ago, they were a happy suburban family with everything they wanted. Now, they are caught in a maze of memory, longing, guilt, recrimination, sarcasm and tightly controlled rage from which they cannot escape. While Becca finds pain in the familiar, Howie finds comfort.

The shifts come in abrupt, unforeseen moments. Becca hesitantly opens up to her opinionated, loving mother (DIANNE WIEST) and secretly reaches out to the teenager involved in the accident that changed everything (MILES TELLER); while Howie lashes out and imagines solace with another woman (SANDRA OH). Yet, as off track as they are, the couple keeps trying to find their way back to a life that still holds the potential for beauty, laughter and happiness. The resulting journey is an intimate glimpse into two people learning to re-engage with each other and a world that has been tilted off its axis.

RABBIT HOLE is directed by John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) from a script by acclaimed playwright David Lindsay-Abaire, adapted from his Pulitzer Prize-winning play. The cast, led by Academy Award® winner Nicole Kidman (The Hours, Actress in a Leading Role, 2002) and Golden Globe® nominee Aaron Eckhart, includes two-time Oscar® winner Dianne Wiest (Hannah and Her Sisters, Actress in a Supporting Role, 1986; Bullets Over Broadway, Actress in a Supporting Role, 1994), Tammy Blanchard, Miles Teller, Giancarlo Esposito, Jon Tenney and Sandra Oh.

Two New Exhibits Unveiled at Sixth Annual Ava Gardner Festival

(Smithfield, NC) – Each year the Ava Gardner Museum celebrates Ava's life and career by hosting the Ava Gardner Festival. The 2010 Ava Gardner Festival marked the 10th anniversary of the Ava Gardner Museum.

A surprise to Gala attendees was the Ava and Her Corgis exhibit, which had not been publicly announced as a new exhibit prior to the Festival. Ava never had children but she considered her Pembroke Welsh corgis her “babies.” During their marriage, Frank Sinatra gave Ava her first corgi, Rags, in 1953. Rags was followed by Cara, Rags II, and finally, Morgan, who was named after her financial manager, Jess Morgan. The exhibit includes corgi figurines and books owned by Ava, Morgan’s custom-made dog sweater, and plenty of photos of Ava with her beloved dogs.

Both exhibits will run through the end of May 2011.

“We are excited to put on display the television costumes as they have rarely been exhibited. And the response to the Corgi exhibit has been staggering; many visitors can identify with Ava’s love of her dogs and have been excited to see this new dimension of her home life,” stated Executive Director Jessica Meadows Hammett.

The Festival presents the screening of three Ava Gardner films: The Barefoot Contessa, The Night of the Iguana, and Show Boat. Heritage tours also ran throughout the day; these tours showed visitors points of interest in Ava's hometown, including Ava's birthplace, the Teacherage where she grew up, and ended with a visit to her gravesite at Sunset Memorial Park. Doris Rollins Cannon, Ava’s biographer, was available to speak with Festival-goers and signed numerous copies of her book Grabtown Girl.

Over the two days, the Ava Gardner Festival brought hundreds of visitors to Downtown Smithfield, many of which live outside of the surrounding community. Visitors came from around the country, including New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maryland, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Tennessee, and South Carolina, to visit the Museum during the Festival. Visitors from Canada and England also attended. The Museum annually draws over 12,000 visitors to Downtown Smithfield from all 50 states and countries worldwide, including Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Japan, and Brazil.

The Ava Gardner Museum is located in downtown Smithfield, at 325 E. Market Street and more information may be found on the museum website, www.avagardner.org or by calling 919-934-5830. The museum is open Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm and Sunday 2pm-5pm with admission of $6.00 adults, $5.00 seniors and groups and $4.00 children.

The Garden Of Eden

Roadside Attractions has acquired U.S. rights to Hemingway’s Garden of Eden, directed by John Irvin and starring Mena Suvari, Jack Huston, Caterina Murino, Richard E. Grant, Matthew Modine and Carmen Maura. The screenplay was adapted from the Ernest Hemingway book by former Paris Review editor James Scott Linville, and is based on Hemingway’s final novel, a jazz-age set, erotically-charged romance that was published posthumously in 1986. Hemingway’s Garden of Eden was produced for Tranquil Seas by Lorne Thyssen and Timothy J. Lewiston. The acquisition was announced by Roadside Attractions co-presidents Howard Cohen and Eric d’Arbeloff and Ian Jessel, president of Tranquil Seas, USA.

“Ernest Hemingway is one of a handful of genius writers whose work leaps from the page to the screen brilliantly,” said Cohen, “and his Garden of Eden is lush and vibrant, in the tradition of other great Hemingway adaptations like The Sun Also Rises.”

The Garden of Eden remains one of the author’s most debated novels, and is considered a departure from his usual work as it is widely accepted the novel is far more reflective of his personal life, perhaps even semi autobiographical. The fact the book was not published until after his suicide has sparked debate as to whether the erotic nature of it was such that he never wished it published at all.

Set in the jazz age of the 1920s, the story follows a successful young American writer, David Bourne (JACK HUSTON), and his beautiful wife, Catherine (MENA SUVARI), on their extended honeymoon in Europe. Catherine soon becomes restless and starts to test her husband's devotion, pushing him to the limits of her erotic imagination and luring a sultry Italian girl, Marita (CATERINA MURINO) into their inner circle. With the stakes continually ratcheting higher, the events that follow change their lives forever.

The deal was negotiated on behalf of the filmmakers by Tranquil Seas' Ian Jessel and Tim Johnson and Emily MacKintosh of Field Fisher Waterhouse, and attorney Greg Bernstein on behalf of Roadside Attractions.

A Tranquil Seas Production and a United Kingdom/Spain Co-Production present a Devonshire Productions film, in association with Berwick Street Productions PLC and Freeform Spain SL, Hemingway’s Garden of Eden. Mena Suvari, Jack Huston, Caterina Murino with Matthew Modine and Richard E. Grant. Produced by Lorne Thyssen, Tim Lewiston, Bob Mahoney. Based on the novel “The Garden of Eden” by Ernest Hemingway. Screenplay by James Scott Linville. Directed by John Irvin.

Michael Quirke: An Indie Crew Member and Writer

Michael Quirke

Born: London England April 10, 1950

Divorced: With one daughter Lucy

Educated in England and Japan

Moved to Japan from England 1961-1965. Educated Hosei University and Trained in Martial Arts under guidance of Grand Master Mas Oyama 1961/70


Walked throughout India, from Goa to the foot hills of the Himalayas.  Resided and studied at Yagsu monastery Tibet.

Worked with the Indian government on turtle watch in the Maldives islands Indian Ocean 1971:

Recruited by Israeli Government teaching Anti Terrorist defense and unarmed combat tactics to the Mosad. 
Awarded Fellowship Medal by Emperor of Japan, Budakai Fellowship. Tokyo: Honored with Professorship 1975. 

Owned and ran two very successful French and Italian Restaurants from 1983-1985

Formed a construction company called Tudor Construction and went into land development.

Recruited into Film industry 1985 by Director David Lean as a technical advisor and Fight Choreographer forming a company called All Action Co. Specializing in Weapons and Marital Arts.

Worked on 57 Feature length films as Technical Advisor in Marital Arts and weapons 1985/2005

Wrote 3 novels from 2006/2008

Owner and developer of Plantation Bay Ferguson Point, a 27 acre private island marina Resort on Long Island Bahamas

Interests: Adventurer/ Traveler/Writer/Professor of Martial arts/Inventor/philanthropist /Entrepreneur/ Sailor/Diver/Fisherman/Developer/Pursuit Driver/Construction consultant/skier

Michael Quirke's novel "30 Pieces Of Silver" Synopsis:

Robert McCain life takes a dramatic change when he finds a modern day treasure map that was slipped in his pocket by a desperate beautiful woman.  A plane crashes and vanishes deep into the jungle of Central America. It’s cargo of millions in cash and drugs that are all over shadowed by a small yet significant looking statue.

Hidden Aztec treasures and Cortez with his band of blood thirsty conquistadors, on their last mission from the King of Spain. His only order, do not come back without the statue. 30 Pieces of blood-stained silver and human sacrifice, all cumulating in an attempt to hide the most precious and dangerous relic in history.

Michael Quirke


Kristi Ray: An Indie Film Actor

New Bern native, Kristi Ray has been acting for over twelve years. Now 20, she has a string of impressive credits attached to her name. In the past two years Kristi Ray has captured audiences in a good handful of NC indie films such as Josh Clayton's The Virgins (http://www.joshclaytonfilm.com/) where she plays the passive and eerily shy Danielle. She is scheduled to appear in a Native American Epic titled Fall of the Hunter's Moon later this year and is currently filming a comedy titled Change where she delights as the light hearted love interest.

A natural talent with a striking presence and undeniable energy, Kristi Ray enjoys portraying raw, emotionally compelling characters most; although her film credits include everything from civil war drama to horror films like Pieces of Talent (http://www.piecesoftalent.com/) which she recently wrapped in Wilmington. Kristi Ray admits the leading role of Charlotte in Pieces was both challenging and exciting, and she's excited for audiences to see her full potiential blossom in this character.

 "Charlotte is nothing like me, she is angsty, broken, and very rough around the edges. Having the opportunity to explore all this was increadible. I couldn't have asked for a more engaging role." Only good things are to be said about this determined, young actress who producers say "Is not just nice to look at. She has a rare light that shines outward towards others, and this light is captured on camera as well." Kristi Ray is whimsical at heart, a unique and creative individual from a small town..with big dreams.


Email ncindieseen@gmail.com if you would like your bio featured here!  Be a part of the Indie Experience!

Indie Pick O' The Day: 11/4/08

Where were you on 11/4/08?  I remember that day like it was yesterday, I was living in Manhattan at the time and went to an election party with some friends.  It wasn't until I got off of the subway train en route to another party that I heard Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States of America.  The city was filled with a surge of of energy and the streets were loud with the sounds of rejoicing New York City residents.

The participatory documentary film 11/4/08 shows those very images.  It depicts the day, afternoon, and evening of election night on that historical day.  The film is shot in several major metropolitan cities and edited simultaneously from cities all across the world including, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Dubai, Geneva, Berlin, and even New Delhi.  It's pretty phenomenal to see the perspectives of voters from each American city and to see their view on Senator Obama's possible win as the next President.  It's also interesting to see the thoughts and opinions of foreign citizens of other countries give their two cents on what to expect if Barack Obama becomes the next President.

11/4/08 allows viewers to see how hard volunteers worked to streamline the election process that day, show young people give their thoughts on John McCain and Barack Obama's differences, even perspectives from people who are not eligible to vote as to what could be expected of this election.  Block parties, celebrations, speeches, and all sorts of joyous moments are shown once the campaign results are announced.

The film was shot on many different formats from several different filmmakers that allowed this film to be curated by Jeff Deutchman.  Jeff thought of the idea two weeks before the election.  He sent mass emails and Facebook blasts to friends about this experimental film which became a moment in history.

The participatory documentary is still accepting submissions of film caught on 11/4/08.  You can check out the film's website HERE

11/4/08 will be released in selected theaters nationwide 10/20/10

RECUT: The Ten Commandments

Remember the classic Cecil B. Demille film The Ten Commandments?  Well there's a trailer recut for it!  This is by far the funniest trailer I've seen yet...and don't worry, God has a sense of humor.  Check it out!

Nora's Will

Nora's Will is a Mexican comedy like nothing you've seen before, a truly unique tale about lost faith and eternal love from writer/director Mariana Chenillo.

When Jose’s ex-wife Nora dies right before Passover, Jose (Fernando Lujan) is forced to stay with her body until she can be buried properly. Jewish custom dictates that the body has to be buried quickly, but the coming holiday followed by the Sabbath means Jose and his family must wait almost five days to put Nora to rest. He soon realizes they are all part of Nora's plan to bring her family back together for one last Passover feast, leading Jose to reexamine their relationship and rediscover their undying love for each other.

Less Than A Month Away...

There's a lot to do at Cucalorus. Here's How To Do Everything!

How To: Choose Your Films
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How To: Party like it's 1999
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RECUT: The Usual Suspects

Here's another recut trailer cut to be a homoerotic romance.  This time it's between Verbal and Keaton.  Check it out...and apparently its directed by Tom Hanks.

Early Selection: Mars

A new space race is born between NASA and the ESA when Charlie Brownsville, Hank Morrison, and Dr. Casey Cook compete against an artificially intelligent robot to find out what's up there on the red planet. 'Mars' follows these three astronauts on the first manned mission to our galactic neighbor. On the way they experience life threatening accidents, self doubts, obnoxious reporters, and the boredom of extended space travel.

This romantic comedy is told in the playful style of a graphic novel- using a unique animation process that director Geoff Marslett developed specifically for the film. Underneath the silliness Mars is also an exploration of exploration. Why do we want to know what is out there? How do we react to what we find? Is it really that important? And where does love fit into the whole thing?

Indie Pick O' The Day: Red Hill

Shane Cooper moves to a small country town in Australia with his wife who's expecting a baby boy.  Shane and Alice have had a tragic past with losing their first baby and was advised under doctor's orders to move out of the city and settle into a small quiet town.

Shane thought he was doing the right thing by moving to Red Hill, but little did he know he was in over his head.  The film Red Hill starts with Shane's first day as a police officer with a small law enforcement team that already condescends their authority to him knowing that he's never pulled the trigger while on duty. 

However, fate changes for Shane and the local law enforcement quickly when an Aboriginal convict by the name of Jimmy Conway comes to town and begins killing local officers one by one.  However, more than meets the eye in this thriller as the motives of the convict truly unfold.

Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) stars in this film as the film's lead Shane Cooper.  I couldn't help but think at times he would sound so much better as the small town officer if he had his Jason Stackhouse accent.  Just my own personal opinion of course!  The film takes place in Austrailia which is where Ryan is a native. 

The film's release date is scheduled for November 5th 2010

Take a look at the trailer here:

This...is the Orange Line

"Thank you for riding the CTA Orange Line"  a phrase that resounds in the ears of Chicago residents every day on their commute to work, play, or just along for the ride.  This experimental film takes you on an eight and half minute journey into the world of the famous "L" metro system in Chicago, Illinois.

The short film depicts arbitrary shots of exteriors of the train from the doors, rails, and buildings it passes each and everyday to interior shots of seats, poles, windows, and reflections.   There are little to no passengers to upstage the train in scenes...just the train itself on its daily journey connecting from A to B.  The film has a majestic feel because of its soothing cello concerto playing in the background.  At times the shots matches equally with notes on the strings, making this movie truly feel like you are on a ride.

Watching the film brings back memories of my years spent in Manhattan hearing the sound of "stand clear of the closing doors please". 

The short film This...is the Orange Line is the official selection at the Cucalorus Film Festival coming up next month. 

About the filmmaker: 

Nathan is originally from Los Angeles, but now splits his time between Springfield, Missouri and New York City.  His love for cinema began at the young age of seven. By the time he was 18 his passion for watching movies turned into a long awaited passion for making them. In the past few years Nathan has become an avid blogger and loves to communicate on social networks.  Much of his filmmaking influences come from neorealism and surrealism backgrounds.

Take a sneak peak of the film below:

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"Skeletons" stars on their way to Wilmington

Ed Gaughan and Andrew Buckley, the odd-couple at the center of the hit British comedy "Skeletons" will be among the many artists making their way to Cucalorus for this year's festival.

Wilmington native Trieste Kelly Dunn breaks out in "The New Year"

Recently recognized as one of the 25 New Faces by Filmmaker Magazine, Trieste will be making a homecoming of sorts when she visits Wilmington for the Cucalorus screening of Brett Haley's "The New Year."

Patrick Wilson talks about "Barry Munday"

Check out this brief video interview with the star of Chris D'Arienzo's romantic comedy Barry Munday from this year's SXSW.

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RECUT: Rain Man

The film Rain Man recut into a thriller...starring "Scientlogist" Tom Cruise! That part of the trailer had me in hysterics. Hahaaha!

Early Selection: One Hundred Mornings

Imagine being stuck in a cabin with a couple you don’t really like, one of whom might be sleeping with your lover. Add this social tension to the fact that the world outside has crumbled into chaos and you're on your own for finding food, warmth, and protection from your neighbors. One Hundred Mornings chronicles two couples figuring out how to survive in a rural cabin far from Dublin at the moment their known lifestyle has become obsolete. The four await news from outside, not knowing how long the crisis will last, and how long they’ll have to stay in these cramped conditions, doling out what little supplies they have left.

The closest neighbors include a fearful gun-carrying old man, and a self-sufficient, gun-carrying hippie. The couples navigate these relationships in hopes of sharing resources but aware of the rising tension as each interaction hinges more on life and death. A few policemen roam around with tenuous authority, complicating everyone's ideas about what's going on and who's in charge.

One Hundred Mornings is a character study of four personalities under constant, unthinkable stress, and the resultant behaviors are uncomfortably real. Passive aggression, rage, and resentment manifest in the same way as hopefulness, each personality naming its terms even in this time of duress. It’s an endlessly intriguing situation to consider: the moment between disaster and the end of the world, and it's the characters' moments of unfounded optimism that are most heartbreakingly human, a reminder of the absurd resilience of hope.

Going To The Hamptons This Weekend?

With just one month to go before the finale of the 2010 Midterm Elections, SnagFilms announced that it will offer a series of fifteen thought-provoking, issues-based documentaries to voters in blue states, red states and all those purple states in between.

“SnagFilms’ Midterm Madness” Festival begins today, October 6 and will run until November 2, offering viewers free streaming of hundreds of films addressing the hot button topics of the midterm election, including more than 15 new films, several of them available online for the very first time. Each film may be “snagged” and shared anywhere on the web.

Each film will address an election theme or an issue relevant to voters. The line-up has been chosen to appeal to voters across the political spectrum and provide viewers with a way to cut through the political clutter to gain a deeper understanding of the issues important to them. “Americans have had it with soundbites and attack ads,” said SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen. “They want thoughtful perspectives on tough issues, and they’ll get it from these noted films in our huge library. Before you go into the voting booth alone, watch these films with friends, on every topic you’re passionate about.”

“We are always looking for unique partners, and during this midterm election year what better partner than SnagFilms and documentaries about the election, says Director of Programming for Hamptons International Film Festival, David Nugent. From the screening booth to the voting booth, it is a great way to see how films can influence no only public policy, but the world we live in.”

The virtual theaters of the “SnagFilms’ Midterm Madness Festival” will be complemented by screenings in Long Island theaters beginning tomorrow, with the commencement of the Hamptons International Film Festival (October 7-11). The Festival will screen five new documentaries on issues that will play a key role at the voting booth: WELCOME TO SHELBYVILLE (dir. Kim Snyder, World Premiere), COOL IT (dir. Ondi Timoner, US Premiere), ON COAL RIVER (dir. Francine Cavanaugh and Adams Wood, New York Premiere), NO TOMORROW (dir. Roger Weisberg and Vanessa Roth), and CLIENT 9: THE RISE AND FALL OF ELIOT SPITZER (dir. Alex Gibney). The festival’s “Midterm Madness” centerpiece film will be Davis Guggenheim’s WAITING FOR SUPERMAN, with an extended Q&A with the filmmaker at the festival on Saturday, October 9.

The Hamptons will host a panel discussion about political documentary filmmaking, featuring the directors with films in the Midterm Madness sidebar on Friday, October 8 at 4:30 PM at the First Presbyterian Church Session House in East Hampton.

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival


The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival is accepting submissions for the 14th annual festival held April 14 -17, 2011 in Durham, North Carolina. Short and feature documentaries completed after January 1, 2009 are eligible for consideration.

Please visit the SUBMIT page of the website for more information.

Submission Deadlines:
Regular Deadline: October 15, 2010 ($40)
Final Deadline: November 30, 2010 ($60)

Early Selection: Dance With The One

Films about the drug culture certainly aren’t a new phenomenon these days, but few have the down-and-dirty verisimilitude of this Texas-based enterprise, which charts the agonizing breakdown of a family over a mix-up involving controlled substances. It’s a classic situation: a small-town dope dealer is entrusted with a big stash, then mislays it. Naturally, he winds up having to protect his loved ones from the evil drug-runner who wants his goods back. Stark, violent, compelling and honest, Dance With the One is quality regional filmmaking.

Dance with the One [TRAILER] from UT-Austin Radio-Television-Film on Vimeo.

Shake Hands With The Devil

Starring Roy Dupuis and Deborah Kara Unger

Directed by Roger Spottiswood

Based on the award-winning book Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda by Lietenant-General Roméo Dallaire.

Official Selection-Toronto International Film Festival

In 1993, the United Nations dispatches Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire (Roy Dupuis) to far off Rwanda to oversee a fragile cease-fire. A brilliant, workaholic officer and charismatic commander, Dallaire encounters the shabby reality of a typical UN peacekeeping operation: under-funded, overbureaucratic, and cobbled together from military units from dozens of countries, each with a slightly different agenda. Meanwhile, the peace agreement between the rebels, led by the minority Tutsi ethnic group, and the French-supported government dominated by the Hutu majority group, turns out to rest on shaky ground. When an unknown group shoots down the Rwandan President's plane, the storm breaks and a secret but long-planned genocidal campaign against the Tutsi minority begins with a night of terror in Kigali. A reporter (Deborah Unger) remains in-country and follows General Dellaire as he is forced to deal with far-away superiors and the studied indifference of the world's great powers while trying to take decisive action to stop the genocide of over 800,000 innocent civilians.

SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL will be shown in tandem with Robert Young's acclaimed Nazi war-crimes trial drama EICHMANN, and THE MAGICIAN, Scott Ryan's cheeky mockumentary about an Australian hit man.

112 minutes; 35mm color, Scope, Dolby Digital, stereo, primarily in English; some portions are in French with English subtitles, Rated R for some disturbing violent images and brief strong language.




Written, Directed, Produced and Starring Scott Ryan

Nominated for Best Actor-Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards

Winner of Melbourne Underground Film Festival-Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director

When Melbourne hit-man Ray Shoesmith discovers that his next-door neighbor is a film student, he commissions him to document his life. The footage is to be released in the event of his early death. The focus is not on the violence, but on the conversation, the banalities and intensities of human interaction and obsessive interest in detail. We see what makes Ray tick, even as we witness his brutal efficiency. This darkly comic tale is fictional narrative, shot like a documentary. Its main character is a likeable killer, whose strangely moral illustrations take a jab at everything from the legalization of drugs to the prevalence of gays in Hollywood.

THE MAGICIAN will be shown in tandem with Robert Young's acclaimed Nazi war-crimes trial drama EICHMANN, and Roger Spottiswoode's SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL, an acclaimed narrative film based on Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire's award-winning book about the Rwandan genocide.

Guess The Movie...


I came clean. I told it like it happened

on the boat. So what if I left out how I

got there? It's got so many holes in it,

the D.A. would've told me to blow amnesty

out my ass. So you got what you wanted

out of me. Big fucking deal.


And this is why you never told the D.A.


You tell me, Agent Kujan. If I told you

the Loch Ness Monster hired me to hit the

harbor, what would you say?


Turn state's evidence. Take the stand on

this and we'll hear it out.


I've got immunity now. What can you

possibly offer me?


If there is a Keyser Soze he'll be

looking for you.


Where's your head, Agent Kujan? Where do

you think the pressure's coming from?

Keyser Soze - or whatever you want to

call him - knows where I am right now.

He's got the front burner under' your ass

to let me go so he can scoop me up ten

minutes later. Immunity was just to deal

with you assholes. I got a whole new

problem when I post bail.


So why play into his hands? We can

protect you.


Gee, thanks, Dave. Bang-up job so far.

Extortion, coercion. You'll pardon me if

I ask you to kiss my pucker. The same

fuckers that rounded us up and sank us

into this mess are telling me They'll

bail me out? Fuck you. You think you can

catch Keyser Soze? You think a guy like

that comes this close to getting fingered

and sticks his head out? If he comes up

for anything, it will be to get rid of



After that, my guess is you'll never hear

from him again.

Hint:  "The biggest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist"

              Second Hint:  The 1995 film won the Oscar for Best Screenplay

                Still clueless?  CLICK HERE


Early Selection: A Horrible Way To Die

Sarah is starting life over. After her last relationship ended with a revelation that sent her boyfriend, Garrick, to a life sentence in prison, Sarah had no choice but to leave her past behind. Now that she’s been relocated to a small town and given a new identity, Sarah’s embracing the opportunity to start life fresh.

Unfortunately for Sarah, the past won’t let go. Garrick escapes prison and discovers Sarah’s new location, then blazes a violent trail across the country to track her down and disrupt her seemingly perfect new life.

Award-winning director Adam Wingard plays with narrative chronology, sound design and visual aesthetics to slowly unveil the details of Sarah and Garrick’s dark past. Meanwhile, Garrick grows ever closer in his search, leading to a violent confrontation in which the true motivation for his obsessive manhunt is finally revealed.

RECUT: Back To The Future

This is a trailer clip that you've bprobably already seen.  It's basically the fist clip that started Trailer Trash for us!  It's Brokeback To The Future!  The classic comedy Back To The Future recut with a Brokeback Mountain love motiff.

Check it out!

Early Selection: Monogamy

Thirtysomethings Theo (Chris Messina) and Nat (Rashida Jones) are engaged to be married. They live what seems to be on all counts a comfortable life of love, music, and laughter in their cozy Brooklyn apartment. But Theo is bored with his job as a wedding photographer—the generic backgrounds, the artificial posing, the stilted newlyweds—so he develops the unconventional side business "Gumshoot," a service where clients hire him to secretly stalk them with his camera.

When he is called out on a job to snap pics of an exhibitionist mystery woman (Meital Dohan), a simple gig develops into a voyeuristic obsession that forces Theo to confront uncomfortable truths about himself and his impending marriage.

Innocinema LLC

Check this out! Big News!! Innocinema LLC just recently opened the North America and South America Head Quarters for Innocinema LLC in Wilmington NC, 1 mile from EUE Screen Gems Studios. They sell only top of the line quality tools aimed at top of the line filmmakers. Check out the GRAND OPENING SALE!

Innocinema LLC website:


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Jesse Eisenberg: Who is this Guy?

At first sight when you see Jesse Eisenberg you think to yourself----I've seen this guy?!  Oh yea, it's the dude from Superbad!  Wrong.  Although Jesse is a dead ringer for Michael Cera, the 26 year old actor from New York City has been acting for awhile.  His IMDB profile goes back as far as 1999.  So how come we haven't heard of him before?  Jesse has been in the indie circuit for awhile---his latest film Holy Rollers was screened at The Charlotte Film Festival just last week. 

However now Eisenberg is a name that everyone is noticing due to his new film opening today called The Social Network.  The Social Network tells the real life story about the young billionaire Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder Facebook.  Although Eisenberg plays the role of the famous entrepreneur, he has actually never met him.

He said he would listen to him on his iPod every morning when he was studying for the role.  Jesse himself revealed on David Letterman that he's not on Facebook, because as a "self-hating person" he doesn't want to contribute to all the mean things people are already writing about him on the Internet.

Awww....I like this guy already.  You're gonna make it in this town kid.  Don't get shallow on us.

P.S.  Apparently The Squid and The Whale brought Jesse some major popularity---so he's been an indieseen favorite for awhile.

Early Selection: Enter The Void

One of the most anticipated cinematic events of the year, Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void is a visionary cinematic thrill ride that’s riveted audiences at the world’s most significant film festivals. At Cannes, Manohla Dargis of The New York Times called it "an exceptional work... What largely distinguishes it, beyond the stunning cinematography, is that this is the work of an artist who’s trying to show us something we haven’t seen before…Mr. Noé, in other words, gets into your body..."

Check out the trailer below

RECUT: Batman Begins

Batman Begins....or Bateman is a cross between Christina Bale's Batman Begins and American Psycho.  Who knew Batman was a psychopath??