Michael Quirke: An Indie Crew Member and Writer

Michael Quirke

Born: London England April 10, 1950

Divorced: With one daughter Lucy

Educated in England and Japan

Moved to Japan from England 1961-1965. Educated Hosei University and Trained in Martial Arts under guidance of Grand Master Mas Oyama 1961/70


Walked throughout India, from Goa to the foot hills of the Himalayas.  Resided and studied at Yagsu monastery Tibet.

Worked with the Indian government on turtle watch in the Maldives islands Indian Ocean 1971:

Recruited by Israeli Government teaching Anti Terrorist defense and unarmed combat tactics to the Mosad. 
Awarded Fellowship Medal by Emperor of Japan, Budakai Fellowship. Tokyo: Honored with Professorship 1975. 

Owned and ran two very successful French and Italian Restaurants from 1983-1985

Formed a construction company called Tudor Construction and went into land development.

Recruited into Film industry 1985 by Director David Lean as a technical advisor and Fight Choreographer forming a company called All Action Co. Specializing in Weapons and Marital Arts.

Worked on 57 Feature length films as Technical Advisor in Marital Arts and weapons 1985/2005

Wrote 3 novels from 2006/2008

Owner and developer of Plantation Bay Ferguson Point, a 27 acre private island marina Resort on Long Island Bahamas

Interests: Adventurer/ Traveler/Writer/Professor of Martial arts/Inventor/philanthropist /Entrepreneur/ Sailor/Diver/Fisherman/Developer/Pursuit Driver/Construction consultant/skier

Michael Quirke's novel "30 Pieces Of Silver" Synopsis:

Robert McCain life takes a dramatic change when he finds a modern day treasure map that was slipped in his pocket by a desperate beautiful woman.  A plane crashes and vanishes deep into the jungle of Central America. It’s cargo of millions in cash and drugs that are all over shadowed by a small yet significant looking statue.

Hidden Aztec treasures and Cortez with his band of blood thirsty conquistadors, on their last mission from the King of Spain. His only order, do not come back without the statue. 30 Pieces of blood-stained silver and human sacrifice, all cumulating in an attempt to hide the most precious and dangerous relic in history.

Michael Quirke


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