Non-Profit Teams with Local Filmmakers To Raise Awareness for HIV

The Alliance for AIDS Services and Second Glance Productions are pleased to announce their sponsoring partnership on bringing to the screen a film that has been a long time in the making.
Absolutely Positive is a dramatic short film that follows four characters, all from different walks of life, as they get tested for HIV. It shows the events of why they decide to go get tested, the thoughts that run through their minds as they wait for their results, and how they decide to live their lives after finding out their results. This truthful, original screenplay is being filmed here in the Raleigh area through November.
The subject matter alone has created an exciting buzz within several communities, encouraging many to lend a helping hand.
"When we were approached with project, I was initially blown away," said Randy Light, Event Coordinator for the Alliance of AIDS Services-Carolina in Raleigh. "The script was fantastic; the vision they have for everything is specific, and I'm excited to see it come to life and where it will go."
Sharon Elliott-Bynum, Co-Founder of Healing with CAARE, Inc in Durham, also shares her enthusiasm and excitement to be a part of this production process. "This project landed in my lap and I thought, 'this film is something we HAVE to be a part of.' It's a topic that's not talked about enough, and I think this film will be the flame that ignites the conversations and discussions again."
Other local establishments are also on board, volunteering and donating their resources to assist with the production of the film and spreading the word about HIV testing. 9 Lyvz Catering of Raleigh will be providing food for a portion of the production, while Club 313 in Downtown Raleigh will be contributing their nightclub for filming.
If you would like to support the AAS-C while also helping and becoming a part of the filmmaking process, tax-deductible donations for the film are being accepted until Friday, November 4th at Proceeds can be made to the AAS-C (online and by mail), noting your support for Absolutely Positive on your payment.
Also, in addition to in-kind donations, the production is still seeking featured extras, background extras, and crew members. For more information, please send all inquiries to For more information regarding the film and Second Glance Productions, please visit their website at
For more information:

Anthony Williams, Founder/CEO, Second Glance Productions
Randy Light, Events Coordinator, Alliance for AIDS Services-Carolina

Locally Filmed Zombie Movie To Premiere In Greensboro Oct 13th

GREENSBORO - Carousel Cinemas will be premiering locally made film “A Few
Brains More” on October 13 at 7:00 p.m.

The film features many Triad area performers, including noted actors Michael Ray
Williams, Walter Boyd, Sabrina Otero, Dr. Jim Hedrick, Albert Guzman, Catherine
Mattson and several other teens and adults from the Burlington theater scene.
Recording artist Becca June of Burlington has a song featured in the film, along with
being a cast member that may or may not come to an untimely end in the film.

Sanford-based writer and director Christine Parker, along with members of the
cast and crew, will be on hand for a discussion after the film. Movie posters will be
available for autographs after the premiere.

Avid zombie movie fans will be happy to see actor Michael Christopher in the film,
best known for playing the Hare Krishna Zombie in George Romero’s horror movie
classic, “Dawn of the Dead”.

“A Few Brains More” is a sequel to Parker’s feature film “Fistful of Brains” and
follows the story of zombie slayers Lily (Emlee Vassilos) and Jack (Michael
Williams). The movie takes place in 1973 when villain Dead Eye McSlain (Edward
Warner) teams with World Corp to create a batch of zombie creating Lazarus water.

Parker devised the plan for the sequel when cast members were talking
during “Fistful of Brains”. “Someone said we should do a 1960s movie next and from
that we decided to change the ending of the movie to lead into this project,” Parker
said. “It seemed like an interesting idea to take these characters and send them 100
years into the future.”

“A Few Brains More” will play twice daily at Carousel Cinemas until October 20.
Contact Carousel Cinemas at (336) 230- 1620 for show times and directions.


The BACK ALLEY FILM SERIES will screen it’s fourth film on October 20th at the CAROLINA CINEMAS CROWNPOINT on 9630 Monroe Rd. at 7:30 PM

TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL, released by MAGNET, won the 2010 South by Southwest (SXSW) Audience Choice Award and was an Official Selection at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.  The film takes the typical “college kids go into the woods and bad things happen” and completely turns the horror sub-genre completely upside down.

The story begins with two friends, Tucker (Alan Tudyk of Serenity, Knocked Up and currently ABC’s Suburgatory) and Dale (Tylrer Labine of the CW drama Reaper and the recent The Rise of the Plane of the Apes) as two best friends that have pulled their money together to get a dilapidated mountain cottage and turn it into their vacation home.  After a group of preppy college kids set up camp near the duo, they rescue one of the coeds after the rest of her group is scared off by the antics of the two fun loving hillbillies.  The journey that follows is a total misunderstanding and leads to an ever growing body count on screen, and growing hysterics from the viewers.

The screenplay of TUCKER & DALE was written by University of Southern California Graduates Eli Craig and Morgan Jurgenson back in 2005 and spent some time making the rounds of studio development executives in the LA area.  While all that read the screenplay loved the story, they didn’t know how to convince their employers to finance it.  After a long period of waiting and an abundance of meetings and pitches, Thomas Augsberger of Eden Rock Media and Deepak Nayar of Kintop pictures, teamed up to help the fresh graduates turn their screenplay into an actual budgeted production.
With funds in place, the film took up on the west side of Calgary in the Province of Alberta Canada in the summer of 2009.  With weather being a large challenge, the cast and crew survived the frequent rain and thunderstorms to wrap shooting in just over a month.

BAFS is also proud to announce that prior to the screening of TUCKER & DALE, the Charlotte Film Community will screen the winning short film of their most recent MADE IN CHARLOTTE film competition.  With the theme being “PHOBIAS”, BAFS and CFC  are proud to have a great chance to showcase some of Charlottes local talent.  Co-Founder and PR Manager Juli Hood Emmons describes the Charlotte Film Community as a “Group of film lovers with the common goal of meeting together to create film and grow awareness of film in the Charlotte area.” When asked about teaming up with BAFS to screen their shorts every few months during the series Emmons stated “BAFS is doing an amazing job of bringing quality films to the area and we (CFC) are so excited to be included as a part of that.”  More info about the Charlotte Film Community can be found on their website at

For more information about screenings, press information, movie times and ticket cost, contact Brandon Falls at 704.807.0435, or visit us on Facebook (@backalleyfilmseries) and Twitter (@backalleyfilm). You can also learn more about The BACK ALLEY FILM SERIES by visiting our website at

The Charlotte Film Society is a non-profit organization that has been in screening diverse foreign, art house and independent films to the Charlotte community since 1982.  The society’s mission is to bring alternative, interesting, unique and fun films to Charlotte that would otherwise not play (or haven't played) in the area at the local multiplex.  Annual memberships are $10 and you can learn more at or via email