Non-Profit Teams with Local Filmmakers To Raise Awareness for HIV

The Alliance for AIDS Services and Second Glance Productions are pleased to announce their sponsoring partnership on bringing to the screen a film that has been a long time in the making.
Absolutely Positive is a dramatic short film that follows four characters, all from different walks of life, as they get tested for HIV. It shows the events of why they decide to go get tested, the thoughts that run through their minds as they wait for their results, and how they decide to live their lives after finding out their results. This truthful, original screenplay is being filmed here in the Raleigh area through November.
The subject matter alone has created an exciting buzz within several communities, encouraging many to lend a helping hand.
"When we were approached with project, I was initially blown away," said Randy Light, Event Coordinator for the Alliance of AIDS Services-Carolina in Raleigh. "The script was fantastic; the vision they have for everything is specific, and I'm excited to see it come to life and where it will go."
Sharon Elliott-Bynum, Co-Founder of Healing with CAARE, Inc in Durham, also shares her enthusiasm and excitement to be a part of this production process. "This project landed in my lap and I thought, 'this film is something we HAVE to be a part of.' It's a topic that's not talked about enough, and I think this film will be the flame that ignites the conversations and discussions again."
Other local establishments are also on board, volunteering and donating their resources to assist with the production of the film and spreading the word about HIV testing. 9 Lyvz Catering of Raleigh will be providing food for a portion of the production, while Club 313 in Downtown Raleigh will be contributing their nightclub for filming.
If you would like to support the AAS-C while also helping and becoming a part of the filmmaking process, tax-deductible donations for the film are being accepted until Friday, November 4th at Proceeds can be made to the AAS-C (online and by mail), noting your support for Absolutely Positive on your payment.
Also, in addition to in-kind donations, the production is still seeking featured extras, background extras, and crew members. For more information, please send all inquiries to For more information regarding the film and Second Glance Productions, please visit their website at
For more information:

Anthony Williams, Founder/CEO, Second Glance Productions
Randy Light, Events Coordinator, Alliance for AIDS Services-Carolina

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