Locally Filmed Zombie Movie To Premiere In Greensboro Oct 13th

GREENSBORO - Carousel Cinemas will be premiering locally made film “A Few
Brains More” on October 13 at 7:00 p.m.

The film features many Triad area performers, including noted actors Michael Ray
Williams, Walter Boyd, Sabrina Otero, Dr. Jim Hedrick, Albert Guzman, Catherine
Mattson and several other teens and adults from the Burlington theater scene.
Recording artist Becca June of Burlington has a song featured in the film, along with
being a cast member that may or may not come to an untimely end in the film.

Sanford-based writer and director Christine Parker, along with members of the
cast and crew, will be on hand for a discussion after the film. Movie posters will be
available for autographs after the premiere.

Avid zombie movie fans will be happy to see actor Michael Christopher in the film,
best known for playing the Hare Krishna Zombie in George Romero’s horror movie
classic, “Dawn of the Dead”.

“A Few Brains More” is a sequel to Parker’s feature film “Fistful of Brains” and
follows the story of zombie slayers Lily (Emlee Vassilos) and Jack (Michael
Williams). The movie takes place in 1973 when villain Dead Eye McSlain (Edward
Warner) teams with World Corp to create a batch of zombie creating Lazarus water.

Parker devised the plan for the sequel when cast members were talking
during “Fistful of Brains”. “Someone said we should do a 1960s movie next and from
that we decided to change the ending of the movie to lead into this project,” Parker
said. “It seemed like an interesting idea to take these characters and send them 100
years into the future.”

“A Few Brains More” will play twice daily at Carousel Cinemas until October 20.
Contact Carousel Cinemas at (336) 230- 1620 for show times and directions.


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