Less Than A Month Away...

There's a lot to do at Cucalorus. Here's How To Do Everything!

How To: Choose Your Films
Deciding which films to see from over 140 choices can be overwhelming. First ponder your favorite movie type: Narrative feature, documentary, or short. Then think logistics. Want to see something Friday night and Saturday afternoon? Go from there!

How To: Buy A Pass
Passes help you save a buck and also put you on the inside track to fun at Cucalorus. We've got a host of options ranging from a mere $40 all the way to $300.

How To: Buy Tickets
Go to the "Film List" and scroll to the film you wish to see. Click on "More" to get the full details about your film. Just below the credits you'll see a link that says: Click Here to Purchase Tickets. Do it!

How To: Party like it's 1999
Did we mention that Cucalorus is a rollicking good time? From the classic Midnite Brunch at the Dixie Grill to the Pegasorus Luncheon we've got it all. Browse the soirees online to make sure you're at the right party at the right time.

How To: Support Cucalorus
Your support means we bring the best films to Wilmington for Cucalorus with filmmakers from all over the world. Support Cucalorus, the Arts, and boost the local economy all at once!

How To: Get Your Friends to Come
Going to the movies with your friends is half the fun! If you want them to come along just select your fave flick from the film list and click on the share button.
Have you got questions about some How To's? Send them our way, we're here to make sure you enjoy Cucalorus: development@cucalorus.org

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