Indie Pick O' The Day: Red Hill

Shane Cooper moves to a small country town in Australia with his wife who's expecting a baby boy.  Shane and Alice have had a tragic past with losing their first baby and was advised under doctor's orders to move out of the city and settle into a small quiet town.

Shane thought he was doing the right thing by moving to Red Hill, but little did he know he was in over his head.  The film Red Hill starts with Shane's first day as a police officer with a small law enforcement team that already condescends their authority to him knowing that he's never pulled the trigger while on duty. 

However, fate changes for Shane and the local law enforcement quickly when an Aboriginal convict by the name of Jimmy Conway comes to town and begins killing local officers one by one.  However, more than meets the eye in this thriller as the motives of the convict truly unfold.

Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) stars in this film as the film's lead Shane Cooper.  I couldn't help but think at times he would sound so much better as the small town officer if he had his Jason Stackhouse accent.  Just my own personal opinion of course!  The film takes place in Austrailia which is where Ryan is a native. 

The film's release date is scheduled for November 5th 2010

Take a look at the trailer here:

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