the Orange Line

"Thank you for riding the CTA Orange Line"  a phrase that resounds in the ears of Chicago residents every day on their commute to work, play, or just along for the ride.  This experimental film takes you on an eight and half minute journey into the world of the famous "L" metro system in Chicago, Illinois.

The short film depicts arbitrary shots of exteriors of the train from the doors, rails, and buildings it passes each and everyday to interior shots of seats, poles, windows, and reflections.   There are little to no passengers to upstage the train in scenes...just the train itself on its daily journey connecting from A to B.  The film has a majestic feel because of its soothing cello concerto playing in the background.  At times the shots matches equally with notes on the strings, making this movie truly feel like you are on a ride.

Watching the film brings back memories of my years spent in Manhattan hearing the sound of "stand clear of the closing doors please". 

The short film the Orange Line is the official selection at the Cucalorus Film Festival coming up next month. 

About the filmmaker: 

Nathan is originally from Los Angeles, but now splits his time between Springfield, Missouri and New York City.  His love for cinema began at the young age of seven. By the time he was 18 his passion for watching movies turned into a long awaited passion for making them. In the past few years Nathan has become an avid blogger and loves to communicate on social networks.  Much of his filmmaking influences come from neorealism and surrealism backgrounds.

Take a sneak peak of the film below:

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