Indie Pick O' The Day: 11/4/08

Where were you on 11/4/08?  I remember that day like it was yesterday, I was living in Manhattan at the time and went to an election party with some friends.  It wasn't until I got off of the subway train en route to another party that I heard Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States of America.  The city was filled with a surge of of energy and the streets were loud with the sounds of rejoicing New York City residents.

The participatory documentary film 11/4/08 shows those very images.  It depicts the day, afternoon, and evening of election night on that historical day.  The film is shot in several major metropolitan cities and edited simultaneously from cities all across the world including, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Dubai, Geneva, Berlin, and even New Delhi.  It's pretty phenomenal to see the perspectives of voters from each American city and to see their view on Senator Obama's possible win as the next President.  It's also interesting to see the thoughts and opinions of foreign citizens of other countries give their two cents on what to expect if Barack Obama becomes the next President.

11/4/08 allows viewers to see how hard volunteers worked to streamline the election process that day, show young people give their thoughts on John McCain and Barack Obama's differences, even perspectives from people who are not eligible to vote as to what could be expected of this election.  Block parties, celebrations, speeches, and all sorts of joyous moments are shown once the campaign results are announced.

The film was shot on many different formats from several different filmmakers that allowed this film to be curated by Jeff Deutchman.  Jeff thought of the idea two weeks before the election.  He sent mass emails and Facebook blasts to friends about this experimental film which became a moment in history.

The participatory documentary is still accepting submissions of film caught on 11/4/08.  You can check out the film's website HERE

11/4/08 will be released in selected theaters nationwide 10/20/10

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