The Back Alley Films Series presents: HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN

Offering back to back screenings for the month of August, the Back Alley Film Series is excited to bring HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN as its second film. BAFS, presented by the Charlotte Film Society, will screen HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN on Thursday, August 25th at CAROLINA CINEMAS CROWNPOINT on 9630 Monroe RD. The film will start at 730 PM and will finish at 9 PM.

What started as a fake movie trailer competition and then fueled by a devote fan base, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN gained wide support and was turned into a feature length film. A “Grindhouse” themed trailer contest was announced in 2007 and was backed by the SOUTH BY SOUTH WEST Film festival in Austin Texas and famed director Robert Rodriquez. Filmmakers and amateurs around all scrambled at a chance to be a part of the competition including friends Jason Eisener and Rob Cotterill.

The now famous trailer was shot on a budget of $150 and completed in 6 days. Running around with a real shotgun, a blood soaked hobo and not a single film permit, its remarkable that the team got the trailer completed and off to Austin in time for the competition. After submission, the trailer earned incredible online support, with a review on Ain’t It Cool News, a star of the month award from G4 TECH TV and a huge fan base on YouTube that led the film to a “TOP TEN” clip. It was capped with Robert Rodriquez announcing that HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN was the winner of the SXSW competition.

With a little help from more experienced film producers, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN was on its way to becoming a feature length film. Shot it Dartmouth Nova Scotia, HOBO takes place in a dark and seedy world, its streets are full of crime, disease and its inhabitants that have surrendered to a bleak and unforgiving future.

When a train arrives to the local station, a dirty and tired Hobo (played by Rutger Hauer) jumps from one of its freight cars hoping that this will be the town where he can get a new start. What he finds is an urban hell that is ruled by city crime boss Drake and his murderous sons. The gang has no respect for life or law and order and spread havoc all over town. During his endless wandering around the city, the Hobo stands outside a pawn shop and notices a second hand lawn mower. He can’t help but dream of using this lawn mower to clean up the town, and making it a more beautiful place for him to start over. But in reality, he notices that the crime and brutality is never ending, and he is drawn to something else in the pawn shops window, a shotgun.

To make the town a place that he can feel safe in and have a successful start, the hobo turns vigilante, and tries to bring justice back to the only way he can. The action packed film will keep you on edge with Boxoffice Magazine stating that it “Gives fans everything they want” and the Washington Post announcing “Critic’s Pick. BLOODY GOOD.”

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN will be followed by NORWEGIAN NINJA on September 22nd and TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL on October 20th. The next series of films following will be announced in the fall. All screenings are $5 with a Charlotte Film Society Membership or $8 for the General Public. All screenings start at 7:30 PM and are cash only.

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