North Carolina Premiere of “Lbs.” the Movie

“Lbs.” is a film about food addiction and made its world premiere at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival (the same year as “Supersize Me”) where it was nominated for the Alfred P. Sloan award, which is given to a feature film that highlights scientific issues in fresh, entertaining or provocative ways. This independent film screened at many festivals, winning Best Feature Film at both the Deep Ellum Film Festival and Avignon/New York Film Festival.

The story follows 27-year-old Neil Perota (played by Mr. Famiglietti) who lives with his parents and weighs over 300 pounds. Two days before his sister’s wedding, he suffers a heart attack, creating family chaos and forcing him to re-evaluate his life. The next day, he buys a dilapidated trailer in the middle of nowhere with plans to kick his addiction to food in isolation. His childhood friend, Sacco, a drug addict, soon comes to visit and decides to stay so they can battle their addictions together. After a difficult confrontation between the two, however, Sacco leaves Neil to face the mission of saving himself on his own.

"In the midst of a national obesity epidemic, the movie ‘Lbs.’ provides an honest and touching account of a compulsive eater's struggles to normalize eating and weight. We are excited to share this special film with the Durham community to raise awareness of a serious issue and educate about healthy weight loss treatment,” said Lee Kern, LCSW, clinical director for Structure House in Durham.

Durham, touted as the “Diet Capital of the World,” is a fitting backdrop for the panel discussion following the feature. Participants will include: Carmine Famiglietti; Dr. Katie Rickel, Ph.D., Structure House; Frank Neelon, M.D., Rice Diet; and Sofia Ryden-Gray, Ph.D., Duke Diet and Fitness Center. Lee Kern will moderate and the audience is encouraged to join during a Q&A session.

Tickets are $10 and must be purchased in advance online at The Durham Arts Council is located at 120 Morris Street, Durham, N.C. 27701.

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