Looking To Be SEEN: Renee Wilson

Amy Renee Wilson of Fayetteville,NC..who prefers to be called Renee, 36 year old female, wife, mom, and aspiring LEAD ACTRESS..she is your everyday DOMESTIC ENGINEER, that tries to make sure her husband and kids are happy and taken care of. 

Renee is quite the comedian, and not like the Desperate Houswives on TV nor the lavish Atlanta wives, she's am your everyday neighbor who is at the edge of the door watching her kids at their bus stops with a cup of hot coffee, being a concerned parent.

Her days are FILLED with making doctor's appointments, checking up on parent teacher conferences, and local neighborhood community events  all the while scheduling herslef on sets for extra or lead roles.

Currently seeking auditions.  You can email Renee HERE

If you are interested in being featured on the Indie Experience email ncindieseeen@gmail.com

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