Redneck Roots

Redneck Roots is an independent film produced by the principles of Emulsion Arts. They have made a film that is a delightful blend of sweet romance, lovingly dished out humor and stereotypes with charm that will make you laugh out loud.

A Romantic Comedy gone South…….

Chris Dowdy, a beautiful young woman, has always been ashamed of her redneck roots. So when her sister's high school graduation calls her home, she covers up the truth, lies and leaves behind the big city and her boyfriend, in a gigantic fib. Unbeknownst to Chris, her jealous Yankee boyfriend Ben takes off in hot pursuit into the DEEP SOUTH to find his true love. Nothing could prepare Ben for the oddball, off-kilter loveable kin and townspeople of Beaver County.

A sexy sister, a Mamma that loves Jesus, a Daddy that loves the "juice", a funny foul-mouthed grandmother, a group of backyard bubbas, and a radio deejay with irritable bowel and Tourette's Syndrome rounds out the amusing cast of characters that keeps us laughing.

* See it for the HEART * See it for the CHARM * See it for the COMEDY

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