NCIndieSeen Review: The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor is a slow paced story about a new medical resident who lives a sad lonely life desperately seeking the approval and respect of others.  His soul is just as lifeless it seems as his barren apartment is with its minimalist furniture and white walls. The film takes a turn for the worse when Dr. Martin Blake (Orlando Bloom) becomes obsessed with his teenage patient Diane (Riley Keough).  He decides to make unethical decision and takes a career risk by keeping her under his care.

An orderly named Jimmy (Micheal Pena) who has a few issues of his own, including fornicating with his patients, finds out about Diane's odd relationship with her doctor,  This discovery leads to a series of events that causes some very bizarre circumstances to occur and the doctor finds himself in a compromising position.

The Good Doctor is a title that carries a great deal of irony as you go deeper into the story.  However this film just does not deliver.  The pacing was incredibly slow and at times awkward.  The backstory was little to nothing which led one to believe that perhaps Dr. Blake is extremely disturbed or desperate for affection.  The supporting characters added no weight to the story and it felt very two-dimensional at times. 

The film has an ambiguous ending that leads the audience to ponder why they invested 85 minutes into this film.  The Good Doctor potentially has a great story, but just does focus the plot points in the right direction to deliver a clear succinct message to the viewer.  The ambition of the doctor and why he falls for his patient is clearly misunderstood and quite a disappointment.

The Good Doctor screens all this week during the Tribeca Film Festival

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