"Un-Perfec​t" - An Award-Winn​ing Film Now On The Festival Circuit

The newly formed Brotherside Entertainment, LLC has garnered awards recognition for its debut film, "Un-Perfect". "Best Narrative Short" (Honorable Mention) was presented to the project by this year’s Los Angeles Reel Film Festival. This marked the film’s first official selection and award.
"Un-Perfect" was filmed last fall in Pennsylvania. The cast includes Award-Winner Lauren Jane Krystofolski ("Inside of Me", “The Cage"), Robert X. Golphin (Denzel Wsahington’s "The Great Debaters", "Punch Me"), Christopher Mann (Councilman Anthony Gray on HBO's "The Wire"), Bella Nabiyah ("Simply Untitled"), and Emmy Award-Winner Janet Conner-Knox.

“Un-Perfect” tells the story of a family that faces the cycle of domestic abuse. But the type of abuse audiences may be used to seeing is not what one will find here. Instead, mental and verbal abuse is explored.
"There are no black eyes, bruises, or busted lips in this movie," says Golphin, "Our intention is to show that any form of abuse is wrong. And in many cases, you may not even be aware that you are being abused, or even doing the abusing."

In June, "Un-Perfect" premiered in Wilson and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where it garnered extremely favorable reviews from audiences. Both screenings were attended by industry celebrities and/or media, politicians, dignitaries, city council representatives, etc. Viewers moaned, groaned, shuffled and laughed. The film incited conversation and debate, and may help serve as a catalyst for change.
"Un-Perfect" is produced by Janet Conner-Knox and Gail Y. Bennett and executive produced by Golphin, S. Zachary Knox, J. Knox, and Samuel Joshua Sauls.

To learn more about the film, please visit: http://www.brothersideentertainment.wordpress.com/, Follow @ http://www.twitter.com/BrothersideEnt, and "Like" http://www.facebook.com/BrothersideEntertainment.

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