A documentary film by Dana Brown aka “The Martin Scorsese of Extreme Film”

Director Dana Brown previously explored the world of surfing in the critically acclaimed Step into Liquid and collaborations with his father, Bruce Brown, including Endless Summer II, Endless Summer Revisited and On any Given Sunday Revisited. On Highwater, the family tradition continues, as Dana collaborates with his son, Wes.

Welcome to the North Shore of Oahu – the 7 Mile Miracle – surfing’s Xanadu. A freak of nature that is long considered the ultimate test for surfers.

It’s the Triple Crown – the final 3 contests of the year - held in the cyclone of the North Shore between Halloween and Christmas Eve.

The Triple Crown is a catalyst for a big wave soap opera that unfolds around, beside and away from the actual contests.

Fifty-five days of low comedy, high drama and nonstop jaw dropping action with the biggest waves, while the best surfers young and old, men and women, take the challenge on this beautiful, compelling earthly and human landscape. The North Shore’s population triples and locals are joined by heroes, posers, legends, leeches, fans, fanatics, dreamers, saints and sinners looking for money, fame, redemption, love, lust, inspiration, parties, respect and surf.

400 will arrive to confront their fears of whether or not they should have come: 50 will nearly drown, boards will be broken, stitches given, a few dreams fulfilled, a few nightmares visited, legends bestowed and revoked.

55 days for paradise found. Or paradise lost. This is the crossroads. For some, nothing will ever be the same.

Opening August 27, 2010

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