Indie Pick O' The Day: Restaurant

A 1998 independent film about young waiters working at a New Jersey restaurant waiting for their opportunity to break into the entertainment industry.  Chris (played by Adrien Brody) is a bartender who is also a struggling playwright dealing with a string of failed relationships and decides to give it one more shot with a fellow waitress who works at the restaurant (played by Elise Neal). 

However, when Chris writes a play about his former love (played by Lauryn Hill) he finds out that the actor playing her love interest is actually sleeping with her in real life which just adds to more confusion about his attachment to his ex and his new relationship with Jeanine. 

The film deals with struggles from issues of finding one's own identity to struggles with substance abuse.  It was the stand out film at the L.A. Independent Film Festival in 1998, and is one of Brody's best earlier works to date.  Take a look at the trailer below:

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