Ken Cohen: An Indie Filmmaker

Welcome the The Indie Experience!  NCIndieSeen likes to showcase local talent and provide information on their film experience and background.  Today highlights Ken Cohen who's short films can be viewed under the Short Film Corner label.

Ken Cohen was born in Turnersville, NJ on September 30, 1982. He grew up in West Bloomfield, MI, and earned his B.S in Creative Writing from Eastern Michigan University, in December 2005. He has been a filmmaker for almost ten years, and never let a year go by without making additions to his filmography, including both short films and features. From "The Driver Rode Shotgun," to his latest, "Afloat," his technique has advanced and the quality of storytelling and delivery has shined with originality.

Throughout the years, his screenplays and films have been appreciated in festivals around the country, and his two feature films, “Decomposed” and “Novelties,” have received worldwide distribution. Ken's most important goal is to tell an original story with universal themes, in a unique and engaging way, and hopes to find an audience that can appreciate that.
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