THE NEISTAT BROTHERS, a genre-busting, eight-episode series consisting of experimental short films from the art-world brothers of the same name, premiered last Friday with other episodes debuting on subsequent Fridays at the same time. A mix of comedy and drama, each episode spans six weeks in the lives of Van and Casey Neistat.

The Neistats' first leap into episodic television, the series is by, and about, the art-world duo known for pioneering the world of online video content. The brothers primarily use consumer-grade shooting and editing equipment, refining the inventive and resourceful spirit that is a trademark of their approach to film, pop culture and entertainment.

A mix of biographical vignettes and experiments in curiosity, THE NEISTAT BROTHERS includes such segments as: a nautical challenge of varying proportions; smuggling authentic maple syrup into Amsterdam; a disappointing and revelatory trip to Mexico; studio renovations; and the search for Van's biological father.

THE NEISTAT BROTHERS is executive produced by Tom Scott (founder of Nantucket Nectars beverage company and the Plum TV network) with Christine Vachon (Killer Films) serving as consulting producer.

Casey and Van Neistat have produced over two hundred short films, most notably iPod's Dirty Secret, focusing on Apple's policy on replacing iPod batteries, and Bike Thief, chronicling the ease with which they steal their own bicycle. Their films have been shown in film festivals, art museums and various institutions around the world. Casey and Van have also produced the critically acclaimed feature films THE PLEASURE OF BEING ROBBED and DADDY LONGLEGS.


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