Sinners & Saints Screening in Charlotte

Evan Karagias, actor, pro-wrestler, and celebrity tax advisor, announces that he will make a personal appearance on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010, for the 7:15 PM East Coast Movie Premiere Screening at EpiCentre Theaters, Charlotte, NC, for the crime action thriller "SINNERS & SAINTS" (2010).

The feature film is directed by William Kaufman, known for his surprise DVD hit, "The Prodigy" (2005). It is co-produced by Hollywood's Noir Blanc Films, under Producers Ron Balicki and Mark Andrew Clark, and by Charlotte's own Carolina Film Works, under Executive Producer and actor Leon Dunn, who makes his first film appearance in this movie.

In "Sinners & Saints," Evan Karagias appears in the supporting role of "Lynch," a private contractor and former military operative assigned to the recovery of a stolen videotape, which is the only evidence to an atrocity in Iraq covered up by US Army officers and shady defense contractors, a tape now lost on the 9th Ward streets of post-Katrina New Orleans, Louisiana.

The videotape is also hotly pursued by the troubled New Orleans Police Detective Sean Riley, played by Johnny Strong, known for his role in "Fast and the Furious" (2001), and by his new, by-the-book, partner, Detective Will Ganz, played by Kevin Phillips, who was last seen in "Notorious" (2009).

Playing Detective Riley's love interest, Stacy, is played by the intense actress Jolene Blalock, best known for playing T'Pol, the Vulcan Science Officer, on the Paramount TV series "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2005).

Also featured in the cast are Sean Patrick Flanery from Lifetime Network's "Army Wives," the Oscar-nominated Tom Berenger, brothers Costas and Louis Mandylor, Kim Coates, J├╝rgen Prochnow, as the evil "Mr. Rhykin," and Evan's personal friends, actor/pro-wrestlers Bas Rutten and Holt Boggs. Appearing in first-time acting roles are musicians and composers Method Man and Jake La Botz.

With stunts and fights directed by producer and martial artist Ron Balicki, the movie has attention grabbing action scenes. Evan Karagias assisted Ron by providing stunt choreography for several fights and by performing his own dangerous live stunts -- without a stunt double. The producers noted Evan Karagias's extraordinary efforts towards the making of the movie with a "Special Thanks" acknowledgment in the closing credits.

"Sinners & Saints" has a run-time of 150 minutes and is Rated-R by the MPAA for content including Adult Themes, Adult Language, and Strong Violence: Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian to be admitted to any screening of this movie.

Advance tickets are now on sale for this East Coast Premiere VIP Screening at the EpiCentre Theaters box office in Charlotte, NC.

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