Indie Pick O' The Day: Paper Heart

A whimsical film about a girl named Charlene who documents on film with her friends about a subject matter that she doesn't quite get...the four letter word.  LOVE.  Micheal Cera becomes the object of her affection and the two go on a cross-country journey together to not only discover themselves, but also understand the perspectives of others' points of view on the issue of romance. 

They meet with happily married couples, chemists, romance novelists, divorce lawyers, groups of children and more as Charlene tries to pin point what is love and what is it about this raw emotion that triggers reactions among so many people.  However, Charlene's affection to Micheal that grows during the course of the film gives her an eye opening perspective on the answer that she has been searching for.

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  1. brenda Says:
    August 14, 2010 at 10:38 PM

    Awesome movie! They would make a cute couple in real life.

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