Whatever Happened To Ryan Gosling?

I've never seen The Notebook.  I know.  That's bad right?  An alleged film connoisseur who writes a blog about films and never has seen The Notebook.  But I must admit, I've seen just about every other Ryan Gosling film made.

My favorite is the film Half Nelson where he plays the crack-addicted school teacher who begins an unlikely friendship with one of his students.  I also loved his work in United States of Leland where he had the opportunity to work with the likes of Kevin Spacey and Don Cheadle.  Or what about The Believer where he plays a Jewish guy who becomes a member of the KKK...what a great film!  I even remember that horrid Sandra Bullock film Murder By Numbers, which is a film I would rather forget.

However, I have a question....whatever happened to Ryan Gosling?  It appears after he broke up with Rachel Mcadams he just sort of fell off the planet.  Or did he?  Well when in doubt...IMDB it!  So I looked him up and I see that after 2007 he basically stopped working.  It appears he has some projects in the works this year and a film completed called Blue Valentine.  Shew!  I got scared, I thought I would never see him on celluloid again.  I love this guy's work! 

Perhaps this weekend I'll need to make the effort to watch The Notebook.  Ryan would have wanted it that way right?  Ryan where ever you are, I just want to say please come back!  It's good to know you're actively working and you haven't forgotten about Hollywood.

That Shia Lebeouf kid is taking over your roles....get back in there! 

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