Starring Academy Award-nominee Kristin Scott Thomas, in a role for which she was nominated for a Cesar Award

With Sergi Lopez (Pan's Labyrinth, Dirty Pretty Things) and Yvan Attal (Rapt, My Wife Is An Actress )

Written and Directed by Catherine Corsini (Les Ambitieux, Replay)

IFC Films will release "Leaving" October 1, 2010

"Leaving" is a sensual story of a woman willing to risk everything for love.

Suzanne (Thomas) is a devoted doctor's wife and mother of two teenagers living in the South of France. Although she seems to have it all, a beautiful home, all of the material possessions a woman could want and a loving family, she has put her own life on hold for fifteen years and in doing so has unknowingly lost herself. With the children almost grown, she feels it is time to return to work as a physiotherapist, a career path she had put on hold to have children.

When her husband hires a contractor to fix up an office for her, Suzanne meets Ivan, a handsome Spanish builder, recently released form prison for a petty crime. Although Suzanne and Ivan are from completely different worlds, or perhaps because of this, the mutual attraction is sudden and intense. Overwhelmed with a passion she has never felt before, Suzanne must decide if following her desires is worth losing everything.

Official Selection of the 2009 Toronto Film Festival.

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