The Interview: Corey L. Branch

Corey L. Branch directed the 24 minute short film "Snipped" about a man who gets a vasectomy.  Based on his own real life experience, Corey took the the to talk to NCIndieSeen about his film. 

NCIndieSeen:  I'm here with Corey L. Branch writer and director of the film Snipped it's nice to meet you Corey.

Corey: Thank you very much.

NCIndieSeen: Tell us a little bit about the film.

Corey: Snipped is a comedy about a man who gets a vasectomy.  It pretty much goes through what men typically go through when they are making a decision to get a vasectomy and the discussion he has with his friends. Most people are uneducated about vasectomies and what it does and even just the procedure.  Technology today makes it pretty easy, so going into that you deal with the discouragement from a male and the encouragement from a female and then the attitude and the emotions that come out of his wife.  He's addressing it as a major surgery and her attitude is I've had three kids you don't know what major surgery is and the insecurity that is there.

NCIndieSeen: Very interesting.  I know that most writers draw from what they know, any personal experience with this?

Corey: (laughs) Very much so.  Actually Snipped is me!  The facts are the information the actor gives about the procedure-- the no scalpel procudure-- doctors call NSP is legitimate the fact that he presents that in the film  is real there is nothing exaggerated about what he says.  There is little cutting and no pain with quick recovery all of that is legitimate.  It's just the fact because you are dealing with getting a vasectomy, the private area of a man, its just over-the-top sensitive. 

NCIndieSeen: How was the production on this?  How long did it take to shoot and how did you assemble cast and crew for the film?

Corey: I worked with some guys out of Atlanta and basically I met Brian who was the cameraman at a baby shower I shared with him I was getting into writing film and he was a videographer had done alot of videos.  We pretty much decided to collaborate together and come up with a project that I can showcase my writing he could showcase his film. Fran came in as the middle man he helped continue to keep the production going.  Brian had alot going on and I live in North Carolina and they live in Atlanta, so its hard for me to stay on top of things because of the distance.  Fran was the one who pretty much made sure things continued to move forward with shooting the film.  It took 3 days total to shoot it. 

NCIndieSeen: What are your thoughts about the North Carolina independent film scene and what kind of advice would you give to filmmakers looking to break out in indie film?

Corey: I still consider myself on the ground level, I say don't get overexcited about things.  I'm no longer overexcited about anything anyone says.  My thing is funding and distribution.  Until someone is standing in front of me with a checkbook, I don't get excited about getting my film out there.  I get excited about doing my work, but in this industry, everyone's ultimate goal is to make money on what they do.  I find myself meeting alot of cousins who know "the man" or friend of a friend who know "the man" who got the checkbook.  I find now I don't even wanna talk about it.  You know I'll hear "oh my cousin works with Denzel..." unless you can pick up the phone and call Denzel, and say I got someone who has some material for you, I'm not impressed.  It doesn't move me anymore.  It used to in the beginning, that's how Snipped came about because one of the guys knew the guy who worked with Denzel in one of his movies.  They knew each other and hung out or whatever and that's cool, and as soon as we get Snipped done and we can hang out and we can talk...been waiting on that phone call.  I realize that Hollywood is all about image, and people like to look good.  Don't get overly excited until someone is willing to close the deal and that check clears.

NCIndieSeen:  Thanks for taking the time to chat and Snipped is currently being screened at the North Carolina Black Film Festival.

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