The Interview: Benedict A. Dorsey

Benedict A. Dorsey is the director of the 2010 film The Human Web.  The is currently being screened at NCBFF.

NCIndieSeen: I'm here with Benedict A. Dorsey, director of the film The Human Web.  Hi nice to meet you today.  Tell us a little bit about the film.

Benedict:  It's a gritty urban tale dealing with a youg man who has to make some hard decisions in life.  He grew up in a single parent home, so he's making these decisions without the influence of a father figure.  He's making these decisions to please everybody and he gets trapped into this web of trying to please people.  When you're in a web, there's only one way off and it's death.    So in order to get off this web there has to be this sacrifice and he has to figure out, who's going to die.  By this painful sacrifice that is made in the movie he finally gets freed. 
NCIndieSeen: What inspired to you to tell a story like this?

Benedict: I'm a local pastor back in Baltimore, MD and I do alot of counsel with young men who grew up in single parent homes and one day it dawned on me I said I wonder how do these young men make really great sound decisions when normally it usually takes two parents to raise a child.  You have the father who is for wisdom and strength and you have the mother who gives the sustainability and the substance to keep going.  Normally when you keep giving that type of advice and try your best to show that boy or that man his actions through other male mentors.  So when you grow up as a young boy and never had your dad there and was raised by your mom, you're looking for that masculinity knowledge or ability.  The young men I counseled didn't have it, they were making bad decisions.  I wondered, if they did would they have made better choices in life?  They didn't fail, but the struggle was more difficult. 

NCIndieSeen:  Where was this film shot and how long was production?

Benedict: It was shot in Baltimore and the production was 13 days. 

NCIndieSeen: Was it independently financed by you?

Benedict: It was financed fully by myself along with nephew and my mother invested. 

NCIndieSeen:  What kind of film equipment did you shoot on?

Benedict: We shot on Sony HD cameras

NCIndieSeen:  What advice would you give to young indie filmmakers out there trying to break in the industry?

Benedict: Well you know I'm old. (laughs)  I can't give advice to the young people!  The great thing about them is they are starting young, and they have time enough to do what they need to do.  Go after your dream, write what you have a passion for write what you really believe in.  Write the stories you know.  Don't try to write about something you've never experienced or have no knowledge of.  If you do, do your homework and know the facts so you don't get embarrassed when someone watch it.  Just be true to your passion.

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