NCIndieSeen Review: Puncture

Based on a true story the heroic film "Puncture"  will pierce right through your emotions in this gripping film about two small time attorneys who decide to take on a big case that may be too much for their small law firm.  Mike Weiss (played by Chris Evans) is a functioning drug addict who is partner at a law firm along with Paul Danziger (played by Mark Kassen).  Mark Kassen who also co-directed the film plays the square yet humble attorney who is the polar opposite of Mike.  Mike Weiss is not only an addict when it comes to the narcotics, but also when it comes to the women, whom he has a preference to pay for.

The lives of these two attorneys change dramatically when they meet Vicky (played by Vinessa Shaw) who accidentally pricks herself with a needle causing her to become contaminated with a deadly disease.  Her case brings up a series of incidents with front line health care workers who have suffered the same fate.  A huge corporate conspiracy ensues between the local hospitals and the health care companies that supply the hypodermic needles.

The case turns out to be too big for these two attorneys who's law firm is running low on funds.  A tough contemplation between Mike and Paul becomes and evident and they must decide if they should fight for ethics and stand to lose everything or drop the case and save their law firm?

The film delivers some stunning performances from Chris Evans who's character is battling with a drug addiction, while trying to stay afloat and focused on the case.  Vinessa Shaw also gives a heart wrenching performance as the victim who is fighting for her life and tries to convince Mike that some of the brightest light comes from the darkest places.

It's certainly a must see film at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

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