Red Carpet Interview: God Bless Ozzy Osbourne

Photo by Jamie Broadnax

NCIndieSeen: The TV show The Osbournes gave us an inside look into the life of Ozzy Osbourne, is there anything that we are going to be surprised about in this film?

Marc Weingarten: Yea totally. The Osbournes kinda gave you an inside look about Ozzy.  But what you will find out tonight is seeing the sober side of Ozzy and not the old Ozzy.

NCIndieSeen:  Do you think audiences will expect to see some more insight about Ozzy Osbourne?

Marc: Totally.  The audiences will be moved by what they see. They will enjoy seeing a man who works really really hard and a good woman who has been there for him.  It's pretty inspiring.

Photo by Jamie Broadnax

 NCIndieSeen: The dichotomy between the MTV show The Osbournes and then this film, shows Ozzy in his sober days as opposed to the drunken addicted Ozzy we are used to seeing, what is going to surprise audiences in this film?

Mike Weiss: It's going to show who Ozzy really is.  Its going to show how much his life has improved since that time and I think people will be surprised to see how his life has fully come around.

NCIndieSeen: Do you think audiences will respond more to this film than the former TV series?

Mike Weiss: Yes, because this is a totally different experience.  This is showing Ozzy at this best and his best is in fact Ozzy Osbourne the human being.

Photo by Jamie Broadnax

NCIndieSeen:  What was the production like on this film?

Mike Piscatelli:  It wasn't a big to do shoot.  We wanted to keep this shoot really simple.  It was basically three guys with a video camera.  We only had a few lights we were able to use, we wanted to just get stuff out of Ozzy.  Where it felt like he was just being himself. So it was really low-key.

NCIndieSeen: What inspired you guys to do this film?

Jordan Tappis: Jack Osbourne came to us and he says I want you to do this project about my dad and I want you to show a side of him that you don't see on TV.

NCIndieSeen:  Is there anything that is unexpected that will come out of seeing this documentary?

Mike: I don't think its about being unexpected its about the anti-unexpected.  It will be like meeting someone for the first time that you've known your whole life.  You're actually meeting John rather than Ozzy.  So if there is anything unexpected its the fact that this film is actually honest.

God Bless Ozzy Osbourne screens all this week at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival

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