BAFS is Back!

The BACK ALLEY FILM SERIES is excited to be having its 3rd film on Thursday September 22nd and bringing our audience into the world of a secret ninja fighting force.

NORWEGIAN NINJA, a 2010 action comedy, is loosely based on the story of a Norwegian politician and diplomat Arne Treholt, who in 1985 was convicted of high treason and espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union and Iraq. In an alternative universe, Treholt leads a group of ninjas (appointed by the King) to combat the Soviets and is set in period appropriate time. Keeping much of the films details a secret, Wall Street Journal stated “Hilarious and menacing, absurd and insightful, and an accomplished work of genre film making that authoritatively upends the cold war spy thriller.”

Fans that attend will also be the first to learn of our exciting films that have been booked for November and December. The team at BAFS is really excited about these 2 upcoming films, and excited about giving the Charlotte area a chance to see them on the big screen.

The Back Alley Film Series will continue to announce upcoming screenings for the 2012 season,
press releases on the November and December film will follow after the September 22nd screening.
Don’t forget that Tucker and Dale vs Evil will be playing in October. For more information about
screenings, press information, movie times and ticket cost, contact Brandon Falls at 704.807.0435, or visit us on Facebook (@backalleyfilmseries) and Twitter (@backalleyfilm).

Currently the Series website is under construction but will soon have all series information at

The Charlotte Film Society is a non-profit organization that has been in screening diverse foreign, art
house and independent films to the Charlotte community since 1982. The societies mission is to bring alternative, interesting, unique and fun films to Charlotte that would otherwise not play (or haven't played) in the area at the local multiplex. Annual memberships are $10 and you can learn more at or via email

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