A Christmas Wish

Lawrence "LAW" Watford is Brooklyn based filmmaker. He began producing movies as a film student at Regent University in Virgina Beach and In since then has been actively engaged in the craft of filmmaking. Law works on major feature films and episodic television shows, while producing independently under the Lawville Solutions banner. In 2005 he wrote and directed "A Christmas Wish", which starred James Avery (‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’), and most recent "The Mourning After," the story of two people who survived the 9/11 tragedy as a result of an illicit affair.

His film A Christmas Wish tells the story of a man whom one year af­ter his wife's Christ­mas Eve mur­der, he is on the brink of sui­cide.  He is ap­proached by a stranger who con­vinces him that he can re­unite his wife. Asia ac­cepts the deal, on­ly to dis­cov­er the catch: He must re­live the day of her death over and over again in or­der to be with her.

A Christmas Wish from Lawrence Watford on Vimeo.

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