Absolutely Positive Kickstarter Campaign

As of today, the campaign expires on Tuesday, March 27th, leaving only 6 days remaining on the campaign. Kickstarter is an "all or nothing" crowdfunding platform, meaning if Absolutely Positive does not reach their goal, then all funds given go back to the contributors and they get nothing. The funds raised will help complete the film, create DVDs and movie posters for all to have, provide more screenings, and assist with film festival entry fees.

General media has not been reluctant at picking up this project and speaking about it due to the "controversial" content and continued taboo and stigma based around the misconception that HIV is still a "gay disease." Your public voice and support in this project could definitely change that.

Without the success of this campaign, it will be difficult to complete these tasks as quickly as they want. Time is of the essence and the best thing to do is "pay it forward." Please donate what you can, and also personally talk to others you know and encourage them to do the same. Many of you have already seen the film, so if you believe in me as a filmmaker, the film and its content, and the message its conveying, please show you support in every way that you can.


 First Film Festival: ABPOZ has been accepted into the Gay Charlotte Film Festival, due to screen this upcoming Saturday, March 24 at 1pm. (http://gaycharlottefilmfestival.com/) Admission is free, and a lot of other great films will be shown. There will be a small Q&A session with each director and cast members of the film after the screenings of each film. It's proven to be a fun event. Take a look at the website and come out and see the film if you havent already (or if you have, come see it again!!)

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