Early Selection: brilliantlove

The Cucalorus Film Festival is underway and the early selection process has already completed! NCIndieSeen will feature one film from one of the many to be screened at this festival starting Nov. 11-14th! Take a look at this film recently screened at The Tribeca Film Festival...

Also known as "The Orgasm Diaries"

Sex becomes art and art becomes life for Manchester and Noon, two lovers who hole up in a garage apartment to practice their love while the rest of the world falls away. With their emotional and erotic needs so fully met, the two rarely have reason to engage with the outside world, and only scarcely consider what other needs they might have, like food, money, and plans for the future.

Noon is a taxidermist who trains her eye on the beauty of dead birds while Manchester the photographer documents their affair, creating highly charged and wonderfully erotic photographs. There is no artificiality in his work, only a couple of cheap instant cameras and Noon's willing participation.

Manchester's images catch the eye of a wealthy stranger, and soon a path is laid out that removes him from the cocooned environment of the garage apartment. What follows is the casual destruction of an idyllic world, Manchester and Noon being shaken from a beautiful dream where sex and ice pops were more than enough.

Each character in brilliantlove represents an aspect of erotology, the study of sexual love and lovemaking. Each character, too, is drawn to the relationship between Manchester and Noon, desirous as they are to find and identify the real thing.

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