Film Artists Ban Together for Twenty-One Day Competition

The Project Twenty-One (P21) Film Competition, held October 1-3 of this year in Philadelphia’s International House, is a unique opportunity for independent filmmakers to compete against each other and create the best possible short film with limited resources and three weeks to complete it. As well, it is an opportunity for the filmmakers to be a part of a festival that not only encourages quality shorts, but to have filmmakers from around the New Jersey/Philadelphia area to network with each other and build a working relationship.

New Jersey based film production company, Justice Productions, headed by Doug Seidel of Monroe Township, NJ, took advantage of the marketing opportunities P21 opened to their filmmakers in 2009 with the J-Vlog, a video diary depicting 3-4 minute clips from each of the twenty-one production days, beginning with the kickoff event, to the writing process, production meetings, filming, editing, to the official drop off. The company’s perseverance and dedication to market their film was well received by the festival runners, filmmaking peers and area press alike, garnering them the Best Achievement in Marketing for their film ‘The Journal’s Paragon.’

This year, however, Justice has every intention to take their marketing ventures a step further with their film ‘Lovebytes.’ Along with the continuation of their J-Vlog, Justice has assembled other teams competing in this years P21 festival for an adventure serial to market not only themselves, but in a joint effort as well with three other teams taking part in this years competition.

“Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity, not only because of the marketing opportunity but also because I have wanted to work with these other teams for a while now,” says Wedge Wegman of Sickening Thud, another team partaking in the festival, “that's what makes [Philadelphia] so different. We're all working in our own companies, trying to produce films that attract the attention of the world, yet we're all able to support each other. We help each other to succeed, knowing that when we need help there will be someone willing.”

Working with Justice on this marketing venture are Philadelphia’s Sickening Thud, lead by Wegman, Philagape Productions, lead by Chris Pierdomenico,Drop the Hat, lead by Jason Heffner, and Toxic Avengers lead by Dave Bullis.

"I started thinking of the best way to get the word out about our film to the independent artist community,” says Doug Seidel, team leader of Justice Productions, “It is much easier to market when you aren't the only one doing it, all the meanwhile spreading the word about our films and helping out our community of Indie filmmakers. I have never met a group of filmmakers as friendly, talented and willing to look at the big picture as I have met at the Project Twenty1 film competition."

"Before I did ProjectTwenty1 for the first time in 2008, I honestly believed that I was one of only a handful of filmmakers in the area,” adds Chris Pierdomenico of team Philagape Productions, “However, over the last year, my involvement in this competition has made the following very clear: Philadelphia and its surrounding areas has an absolutely amazing, warm and closely-knit independent filmmaking community that I am proud to call myself a part of. I think that this marketing effort reinforces this idea. Justice is known for their innovative marketing, and I'm honored that my team was asked to be a part of that.”

The serial itself will feature Doug Seidel and fellow Justice Productions member Ray Willis as their superhero alter egos, the Duo of Justice, search for Project Twenty-1, which has been stolen. Along the way, the duo encounters trials and foes in the form of the other production teams participating.

For more information, visit Justice Productions on the web and follow theirbehind the scenes adventures.

For information on the Project Twenty-One Filmmaking Competition, including screening times and ticket prices, visit

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