The Mourning After

Today is September 11th.  If you are interested in watching a great independent film that honors this day take a look at The Mourning After.  There have been a number of films within the last five years that deal with circumstances around the tragedy of 9/11 in New York City. A new film by budding director, Lawrence LAW Watford called The Mourning After is about an extramarital relationship between a man and a woman and affair that took place the night of Sept 10th that would change their lives forever.

Chris and Felicia work at the World Trade Center and on the evening of Sept 10th, the two decide to rent a room in a high rise Manhattan hotel suite. The film begins with Chris and Felicia preparing to go to work when the sounds of police sirens and fire trucks surround the background. Chris' cell phone is ringing off the hook and he immediately turns on the television to see what is going on. The face of Geroge W. Bush is seen annoucing to the world that two airplanes crashed into the twin towers in New York City.

The story turns now to Chris and Felicia, who were supposed to be in that building if not for their heated affair the night before, and both live with not only the guilt of cheating on their spouses, but also the torment of what would have been if they decided to stay faithful to their partners. The film takes a dramatic turn when Chris' life after the affair changes significantly compared to that of Felicia's and the two are battling feelings of shame, pity, and resentment that comes to a climactic close.

There are solid performances in this film and stunning shots of New York City's ground zero. It's a film that shows meaning and purpose in a meaningless act that occured on September 11th. The film was shot on a shoestring budget, but asthetically looks like it was made on larger scale indie budget. The Mourning After is definitely a film worth seeing and shows an intensity in a small sliver of screen time that has you yearning for more.

The film was made on a $12,000 budget in New York City. The trailer of the film can be seen here. Please contact Lawville Solutions if you are interested in more information about the film.

Take a look at the trailer here:

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