Indie Pick O' The Day: The Last Days Of Disco

Directed by: Whit Stillman

How do i love thee Whit? let me count the ways

though many may complain that his movies tend to be a bit too Wordy, or geared toward obnoxious soul-less self absorbed Yuppies. I prefer to see it as a commentary,

A commentary on an overly analytical psuedo intellectual Populace, that tend to speak with an authority that isnt particularly earned. due to a lack of any actual life experience to draw from.

for some reason watching people like that in action amuses me to No-end, add a gorgeous and uber catty Kate Beckinsale, a suprisingly sympathetic Chloe sevigney, Banging ass disco music and an always welcome cameo from the Luscious Jennifer Beals and you've got yourself a winner.

The Third in Stillmans' "Manhattan Trilogy", The Last days of Disco follows the lives of a group of Yupsters in the early 80's as they struggle to climb the corporate ladder by day , and search for love in the bowels of the New York city club scene by night.

with fast talking witticisms that would make the Gilmore Girls envious, Whits' gaze on these types straddles the line between glorification and parody all the while maintaining that keen sense of Awareness.

yes the Film tends to be a bit long , by the end it seems to drag on, and the characters aren't particulary likeable, they even become annoying after awhile, but if you stick with it to the credits, you will be rewarded with a pleasent little number that takes place in the subway.

Though usually the lives and Loves of the waspy types dont particularly hold my interest ( never was a fan of that Sex and the city), Whit StillMan smartly keeps his narrative focus , at just the right distance from his subjects so that the viewer doesn't end up reaching for the Cyanide pills .

so if you have about 2 hours to kill check this one out, you wont love yourself for it, but you wont hate yourself either.

Written by Al J.

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