NCIndieSeen Review: Angel's Crest

This film is a haunting tale about a father's guilt of negligence that ultimately results in his son going missing.  He's torn between his own guilt of not being there for his son during his disappearance and seeking blame for his son's mother for her own lack of parenting.  Thomas Dekker (Ethan) plays the father who decides to leave his son in a car in the middle of a blizzard to go hunting for deer.  Although Ethan steps away from the vehicle for only 10 minutes, when he arrives back to the truck he discovers that son is gone.

The film takes on a depressing tone as the 92 minute journey takes the audience on a slow ride downhill and it is revealed through supporting characters in the film how afflicted the town is with their own personal demons including the town's attorney (played by Jeremy Piven) who has a personal vendetta against Ethan since he has suffered the lost of his own child and cannot separate his personal life from his work.

The film takes awhile to get up to speed, but has an overall stunning performance by Dekker.  However, the movie is just another sad story filled with a number of characters that does not help redeem the plot.  The plot lacks energy and the ending is inevitably expected.  If you're interested in a downer, then perhaps Angel's Crest will be your forte.

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