Brandon Solomon: An Indie Film Actor

Brandon Solomon is an actor out of Greensboro, NC. He as been acting for almost 2 years, and he enjoys every minute of it. For most of his life basketball has been what he loved doing more than anything else, and he couldn't imagine anything ever taking its place. However, he can say that acting has done that now. He has been studying under Keith R. Harris at the Triad Actors Co-Op for the past year and he has really learned a lot! According to Brandon he says "the school really challenges me and continues to help me improve as an actor. My confidence in my abilities has definitely grown as a result of taking his classes. I'm working hard everyday to become the actor I envision myself to be---one who can do it all. I want to be able to make people laugh, cry, smile, cheer, feel good, and believe the impossible is possible. I want people to be able to watch me and lose all of their cares for awhile. I hope to touch people's lives in a meaningful way as an actor."

 The next step he is looking to take in his career, is obtaining representation. He wants to make a living as an actor full-time and obtaining an agent would take him one step closer to that dream. His goal is to have an agent before the end of the year.

Brandon is currently on IMDb at Some of the things he's been involved in this year that will be coming soon are two web series, 'The Body' by Greene Films and 'The Bold & The Spicy' by Process Pictures, a feature film 'Because You're Too Nice' also by Process Pictures and Dan Parra and more. Athletic, outgoing, sweet, genuine, funny, driven, a dreamer and courageous---that's Brandon.

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