Cucalorus: Not Just About The Films...

Photo by Jamie Broadnax

The Cucalorus Film Festival comes to a close today.  The NC film industry is just getting started with more exciting films to be born in this great state both indie and mainstream.  At midnite last night we had the opportunity to be invited to the Midnite Brunch at the film festival and got to meet some awesome filmmakers and local musicians.  There was also a secret invite to the backyard of Jengo's Playhouse.

The Midnite Brunch:

The Soapbox in Wilmington, NC is a venue for local bands, artists, poets, and comedians to set the stage and express themselves to the downtown crowd.  Filmmakers, writers, producers, and musicians got together for one night and spent and evening with food , fun, and music.  An ice cold bottle of PBR with  southern home cooked grits and a wrap filled with egg, cheese, and bacon hit the spot for this midnight fare.  You may run into anyone who is somebody in the Wilmington film biz at this event. 

The Jengo's Playhouse Experience:

Very exclusive. The after-party invite---only industry and filmmakers allowed. The backyard is filled with all types of late night shenanigans.  In one corner a group of emo kids with hipster glasses are playing beer pong.  In another corner a group of scarf-covered sophisticates are hovered near a campfire exchanging critical reviews of the films they saw.  Towards the back in a lazy lounge area where you can relax with a "new friend" and exchange modest pleasantries or cozy with your hubby and use your body heat as a warming pad. Time party ends?  Whenever.

Cucalorus is not just a film festival.  It's an experience.

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