Drag Him Out!

Tripp Green (DP) and Chase Kliber (talent stand-in)

 Chase Kliber is the writer, director, and (somewhat reluctant) producer of a new short film entitled DRAG HIM OUT! The story follows a revered bounty hunter who is called in to extract a high-value target from a crumbling building. The stylistic love-child of anime classic Cowboy Bebop and the entire filmography of Sergio Leone, the film has some intense action sequences sandwiched between some moody and tense character moments. The production team are currently fundraising for a 4-night shoot in early January, 2012.

Chase Kliber is a recent graduate of the UNCW film studies program. Jumping immediately onto the new Showtime series Homeland, he survived the entire season as Assistant Art Department Coordinator, wrapping just in time to follow his short doc on laughter yoga (Laugh, And Love Life) presented at the Cucalorus film festival. He has been developing DRAG HIM OUT! ever since.

For more info about the film and how tou can support DRAG HIM OUT!  Check out the film's Kickstarter link HERE

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