Bringing It Home

Cucalorus gives filmmakers the opportunity to present their "works-in-progress". What this means is a film that in its rough cut stage is presented to an audience to review. The audience gives their opinion about where they feel the story is going and if there is any room for improvement. It's a great way to present a critical analysis to filmmakers and get direct feedback from the audience.

The documentary "Bringing It Home" is about industrial hemp and the illegalization of allowing it to grow in farms in the U.S.  The film focuses on the many benefits that hemp offers such as energy-efficient homes, healthy ingredients such as omega 3, and its lack of synthetic chemicals which may benefit people with disabilities and illnesses who are sensitive to these chemicals.

The film is still in its beginning stages, but the story is very relevant and is an important story to tell.  There is a large misconception about Hemp since it is the sister plant to the Marijuana plant.  However, a film like this can certainly shed some light on how beneficial this plant is to society.

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